Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


8. Best day ever

*5 years later*. Me and Joey are still trying things he broke it off with Carly an we both check our messages exept if it is a surprise for our selves . But you can say we are couple. "Umm where's the TV remote?" Asked Joey "It should be over there!" I walk out in underwear and a big t-shirt. He pulls me to him "I know how to get you out of there." I laugh " Joey I have to get ready for my job. He starts to pout. And ya I got a job as a dancer and I changed me name finally my new first name is Stephine but I like to be called Steph. "I will miss you when you leave." "Invite over Sawyer!" "Oh ya ." I kiss Joey and leave for work. Joey's POV: So while she is at work I am doing something romantic. A nice dinner and of course eat on the couch as normal but it will be a awesome healthy dinner. I hope she likes it *2 hours later* The dinner is ready and the soda ya soda he loves soda. I see her walk through the door "awww Joey!" Shasta as she starts to blush. "Go change to real normal clothes." "Ok" she comes back out in normal her clothes. I hand her a plate and we sit we sit on the couch. "Joey I love you" "I love you too." I lean towards her and start to kiss her. Then it turned into a cuddle. We both fell alseep. She wakes up first She made breakfast and look at today and today is Vidcon again! She woke me up with a kiss then I turn it into a cuddle. "Babe today is Vidcon." Steph says "thank you for reminding me." We both sit down and eat. We also get ready cause she will be come if with me. We call up Celia and Sawyer. They will meet us there. We are on our way to Vidcon. "Steph will you record me please while I talk." "Sure thing Babe." She takes the camera out and turns it on. "Hey there everyone today in vidcon hopefully I will record to day and if you follow me in twitter you know that me a Stephine had our problems and yes we are sti together who do you think is holding the camera. And Stephine will be in a movie soon yay I will miss her ok but I will see you guys later." She turns off the camera. "My girlfriend star in a movie I am so proud street dance. Then we arrive at Vidcon we both show our passes. We will be soon the zombie run with Meghan and Jimmy. I put my arm around Steph. "Joey do you want to get a apartment just me and you or a house." "Yes yes I would." I kissed her, then we walked to the zombie run I could tell Steph was nervous ready set... go! We all start running then we get to the stairs . "Steph!!!!"

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