Letters to Styles

Aria Payne is the girlfriend of a well-known pop star, Harry Styles. When Harry leaves for tour around America, Aria writes him a letter everyday. She keeps the letters everyday for Harry to read when he gets home. After she found out that Harry had cheated on her with her cousin, she leaves the letters at his front door. Including the very last one that made Harry feel even more guilty.
He quits the relationship with Aria's cousin.
Harry hasn't spoken to anybody for a week. He's no where to be found. Will he be found dead or alive? Read to be surprised. . .


1. Meeting Everyone!

Hey guys Shelby here I had a little introduction here at first, but I decided to make it better so I'm starting with pictures and I will try updating regularly. Kylierose88 is co-auothring this story, YAY! so we are starting off with the band and the main character and their girlfriends so here you go.


Aria Payne: Liam's little cousin and Harrys girlfriends (Main Character):

Harry Styles: Aria's boyfriend/ international pop star:

Liam Payne: Sophia Smith's boyfriend/Aria's cousin/ international pop star:

Sophia Smith: Liam Paynes girlfriend:

                                           (I couldnt reall y get a good picture of sophie)

Zayn Malik: Perries boyfriend/ international pop star:

Perrie Edwards: in a band Little Mix/Zayn's girlfriend:

Niall Horan: international pop star:

Eleanor Calder, Louis's girlfriend/model:

Louis Tomlinson: Eleanor's boyfriend/international pop star:

Last but not least

Kendall Jenner:

There you have it the cast of Letters To Styles (Harry Styles FanFiction). I hope you like it so far.

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