Loving him was Red

This is a story about to young and very dangerous people what will happen when they collide...... Will they get hurt? Fall in love? Or kill each other? You will have to read to find out. This is a Jason Mccann fan fiction!


1. Background Angel

Angel Carter (aka Red)

Hey guys I'm Angel. I'm actually really young only 15. 15 YEARS YOUNG. I can be really loud at times but serious when it comes to work. Oh yeah I'm killer. I have many people who want me dead. When I'm working I go by as Red that's like another person than Angel.Um my hair is Red . I was 11 when I saw my parents get murdered. Get one my bad side that will be the last thing you do. I have no family I don't need them. OK BYE MY PUPPY IS BARKING.

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