Spiritual District

Dusty is a playful ghost that died when she was only 16. She come to a school disguised as a human and finds a boy that can see her ghost form as well! Will this boy be able to keep the secret that the Spiritual District has kept for years?


1. The ghost girl

Boom! The lights shatter with glass flying everywhere. I cackled as high scholar’s screamed and ran. I hovered above their heads watching their fear. Why don’t they see me you ask? Well that’s an easy one! Here’s a hint. What floats, does creepy stuff, and you can’t see it? Can’t answer? Well I’m a G-H-O-S-T. Cool, huh? My laughter bounced off the walls, teens looked around for the person who was laughing but found no one.One particular boy looked up and saw me! Actually saw me! I gasped and flew down beside him.

“Can you see me?” I asked him.

The boy nodded. He couldn't have been more than a year older than I had been. He looked to be seventeen He had dark black hair and grey eyes. Same eye color most people who saw me had. Something about this boy was a little odd though.

“Who are you?” He asked. 

I smiled at him. “I’m Dusty,” I told the boy.

I made it where everyone could see me.  Some people stared at me. I heard whispers of ‘Since when is there a new girl?’ and ‘Whoa who is she?’

“I’m Kai” The boy, Kai said.

“Well Kai I’m enrolling here and I will need someone to show me around. Will you do the honors?” I asked sweetly.

Kai frowned. “Don’t ask me, there are plenty of other people who could show you around.” He said.

I pouted and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and saw the principal.

“Dusty, it’s time get your schedule.” He said.

“Ok!” I said excitedly.

After I got my schedule it was already time for lunch. When I walked in the lunch room the first person I saw was Kai. He was sitting by a couple other guys who were talking about the increase of paranormal activity. I laughed inside. They had no idea. I walked over and plopped down in the seat next to Kai. He groaned, but I just smiled. His friends looked me over. I had auburn hair and violet eyes. I was wearing a sports top, athletic shorts, and a UT hat backwards.

“Who is she?” A boy with blonde hair asked.

Kai sighed. “This is Dusty.” I smiled at them.

A guy with brown hair studied me. “How do you know each other?” He asked.

"I met Kai in the gym, I asked him if he would show me around school but he is a jerk.” I said glaring at Kai.

“Well, I’m Chase and this is Sam.” The blonde boy, Chase said.

“Hey Dusty, I could show you around.” A familiar voice said.

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