Catch me

A cute story about a girl who hates her life and wants to end it but is saved by the doctor.


1. Lost

Alice was walking home alone from school. She lived with her aunt who wasn't home most of the time. She had for almost a year sense the car crash that had taken both her parents life. She hardly made it out alive the nurses where surprised she did. They thought she was too far gone she had a punctured lung and lost way to much blood she not only pulled through but her recovery was fast, faster than anyone they had ever seen. At that time she wished she hadn't made it out of the wreck alive. She had no one she had never even met her aunt and had to move halve way across the world to her aunts home in London England. She used to have just a normal life in a small town in North Carolina Friends and a happy family but that one drunk driver not paying attention at a red light plowed into the side of her family's car. That one little action changed her whole life and almost killed her. She wished that day had never happened but she couldn't change time it’s not humanly possible. But her life hear was okay she had her friend Stella and her aunt and got her anything she wanted but she wasn't happy. She wished she could just die sometimes but Stella always talked her out of it. She was the only one who truly understood Alice. So when Alice was walking home that day and got the call that Stella was shot and killed during a burglary she couldn't take it Everyone she loved was dead she knew what she had to do she didn't want to but she agreed with herself it was for the best.


She walked through the door of her home and went up to her room she couldn't do it here she didn't want to hurt her aunt like that she’d go out to the town that night and shed jump shed find a tall building and just fall “It won’t be hard I’m not important I won’t be missed” she thought to herself as she laid down to take a nap the last one shed ever take when she was laying their she started to dream. 

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