Dreams and Goals

Caunstine is obsessed with hockey, it's her life, and hopefully her future. Can everything she's been working for for years be worthless because of a sexist coach?


1. Introductions

My name is Caunstine, and I'm 12 years old. I have long, brown hair with bleached tips. It falls in waves to my waist. The only thing I love more than my kitten Mittens is hockey. Watching, playing, and coaching hockey. 

I've been playing hockey since I was 6 years old, and skating since I was 2. My whole life is, and always will be; hockey.

I usually wear my team's hockey jacket, I feel most comfortable when wearing my number; 81. The same number as my hockey idol Phil Kessel. I live in Toronto and grew up watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, aspiring to be like them in every way. I watch every game and know every player.

My best friend Mila is on my hockey team, she's number 12. I play defense with her. We're the only two girls on the team now, there used to be four of us, but they all quit. Mila is very different from me. She's blonde and popular with everyone, she wears makeup and pretty clothes almost every day, except for when we have hockey. Mila is shy and kind, I'm loud and aggressive. Mila has blue eyes, mine are brown. Mila's hair is straight, mine is wavy. We're basically opposites, but we're also best friends.  


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