The Vacation



7. Chapter 7

When the game was over. Adrian went into our room. I wasn't sure if I should follow, but after a minute I did.

Just as I closed the door he was over me. He pushed me to the wall and kissed me very passionately. He pushed me down to my bed and laid on top of me. I let my fingers run through his hair and could feel him be more eager. I could feel his hands under my shirt and pushed him gently down to the side gave him a last kiss and went out. Without saying a word. I went by the toilet to check my hair before I went back to the living room. The others were started to tell horror stories. Short time after Adrian came and sat beside me. Soon I was laying at his chest with his arms around me. And his hand in mine which I held a bit tighter every time something scary was been told.

The door opened and everyone screamed I tightened my hand as much as I could. Livias father came in and I sat quickly up. "We are eating soon" he said looking weirdly at us. "Why did you sat up so quickly" he asked dragging me down in his arms again "it was only Livias father""if it was yours you wouldn't even sit beside me" I snapped back. The others turned on the light and saw weirdly at us laying together. I stood up and started taking shoes on and went out.

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