The Vacation


1. Chapter 1

Please read the authors note in the end it would make me so happy :)

We were going on a vacation where we should skiing.

We were 5 girls inclusive me and 2 boys. We were all in the same class and were all friends, some better than others.

I did really well with all of them. The boys Vincent and Adrian were just friends to all off us. Vincent was kind of wierd, but sweet though. Adrian I'd had a crush on in sixth grade we were now in eighth, and since that he had been totally friend-zoned. He is the kind of boy that hugs every girl, and call them sweetie and so on. So he was friend-zoned for a lot.

When we drove I was in car with two of the girls Lara and Victoria. We played and had fun. I wanted to know some good secrets but I had to wait because our fathers were in the car too. When we arrived the kids went to the one house and the grown ups to another so we had a house to our selves. That was nice because we all got a bit more shy when our fathers were there. Especially Adrian.

There were two rooms where we could be four in each. But since we were five girls we had decided that we would sleep two in one bed in one of the rooms. We unpacked and went then out en the living room and started playing until we should eat and then sleep.

We disgusted a lot who should sleep two in one bed and after a while I said that I would just sleep in the boys room. But until that I would talk with them in the girls room. When the others were going to sleep I took my things and went to the door to the boys room.

I could hear they were talking. And when I listened close I could hear they were talking about 'doing' someone. I stood a bit and waited to hear names but they didn't say any.

Then I knocked at the door and asked if I could sleep in their room. And explained why. I could hear they at first were a bit annoyed but after some eye contact and me standing awkwardly they let me in. I laid down and went to sleep.

When they thought I slept they did start talking again. This time more like whispering. Finally they said a name. "You shall just say Victoria I think you're so hot" Adrian said to Vincent. They both laughed. I smiled and hoped they weren't seeing anything because of the darkness.

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