I Keep Losing.

Emma and Liam went to the same school in Wolverhampton when he applies to x-factor 2010. What happens when they meet?


6. Shopping.

* Liam *


It had been a few days since the party and i was out shopping clothes. Sophia made me cup she said she was tirad of my shirts and jeans.

 I happened to go into someone cuz I was looking down at my phone.

I looked up at the person. There was a girl but I couldn't see her face cus she was looking down and had a cap on her head.

The only thing I could see was her brown,red hair.

''Oh. Im sorry!'' She said and I recognized her voice. 

She looked up at me and I met her eyes. 


''Emma!'' I said cheerfull , and looked at her smile.

''Hey'' She smiled and i looked at her.

''How are you?'' I said and looked at her.

''Good, and you?'' She replied and I pulled the hood over me so no one would see that it was really Liam Payne.

''It 's good.'' I said and saw that she was out shopping to.

''Do you want to take a coffee? I'll pay.'' I said cheerfully.

She nodded at me and I took her hand gently and pulled her towards the Starbucks that was nearby.

She wore a white dress with small red flowers on, a pair of sandals and a cap on her head. It was hot outside and the sun was shining. I was also wearing a cap. 

She followed me and we went inside. I released her hand and walked over to the queue with her ​​after me.

We ordered the ones we would have and sat back down at a table. I pulled off the hood and looked at her.

''So..'' I drank some of my coffee and looked at her.

''So..'' She said and laughed a little.

Her laugh sounded so cute and funny at the same time.

I smiled and looked down. ''By the way.. Sophia and I are having a party on Saturday... You wanna come?'' Asked her happily and looked hopefully at her.

She smiled and nodded her head a little towards me. She seemed so quiet.

I smiled and raised my card. 

''Here you have my number, name, address and all that important '' He said happily.

She accepted it and I smiled contentedly.

''So... How is you and Sophia going?'' She asked me and drack a little of her coffee.

I looked suprised at her over her quiestion. ''Well. It's going great.'' 


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