A Thousand Nightmares

Two children running home from school when a srom hits and and they seek shelter in the house of A Thosand Nightmares. Enjoy :->


1. The Raving Storm

We ran. Rain slammed into my side turning what was once hard mud into slush under my feet; we'd lost the trail that led to home. Wind howled and screamed though the leaves in the tree tops up above, whilst the devilish brothers of thunder and lightning continued to threaten an appearance. There was nothing we could do. Trees swung by us as we continued dashed forward, revealing a silhouette; what was this a savoir in the storm? No, the cranked out deserted house of the forrest. At that moment we didn't care what other people said about this house, old and run down as it was, it was better then out here in the raving storm.

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