Save me

Jenny thought her life was going to be all down hill after her mom died. She didn't think she would ever be happy again. But what happens when she runs into a Irish boy?


1. chapter 1


I woke up to the sound of my dad yelling into the phone.......again. He seems to have arguments with every one even me. I got up out of bed In pain from all the times my dad hit me last night. I lifted up my shirt and seen a huge red mark going across my stomach. I just brushed it off and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I looked at my long brown hair and It actually looked pretty nice for some one who just got out of bed. I'm kinda skinny considering I don't get fed much I'm this house and had very blue eyes. When I was done with the bath room I got out some black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and some cream coloured uggs to wear and got dressed. I then jumped out my window not wanting to face my stupid father and walked over to my best friends jades house. She doesn't know my dad hits my but you can tell she sees something in me others don't. As I was almost away from my house I heard my dad yell "hey get back here". I knew he was yelling at me to I started to run until I hit something and fell on the ground. I looked up and saw a tall blond boy looking down on me. I jumped up and was about to run when the boy grabbed me and asked what was wrong I just pointed at my dad running almost catching up to me with a base ball bat in his hand. The next thing I know is the blond boy picked me up and started running. I was kinda scared at first until he looked at me and said "don't worry I won't hurt you". I just kept starring at him because I swear I seen him some were befor but I wasn't sure were. As u got snapped out of my gaze the boy wispered in my ear "call the police" and I listened. I called them and told them what street we were running down and in about 2 minutes they had my dad in the back of a police car and off to jail. They asked me lots of questions about my father and I told them every thing. At this point jade and her mom were here and the boy was still around being asked things to. Luckey for me I just turned 18 so I didn't have to be put in a foster home.

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