The Dead Truth

Competition entry - Different sides of the Dispute .

Sometime in the future, the world is in danger of drowning due to global warming. Homesteads (Camps) are built up in the Swiss, German and Austrian Alps to keep as many people from drowning. These Camps were built to keep people alive, but they fell under a strict regime. If you are rich you survive, if you are not and lucky, you get a job and work for the upper class. If you are poor and unlucky, you sit in front of the huge concrete wall, waiting to be let in. Then mysterious deaths occur..Is this right? Should you but your family into danger to save other peoples lives?


5. Exposure

She took her grey coat of the hook and left the hospital. It was cold and windy outside, autumn was coming. Her curls flew around and she had to tie her hair up. She walked into the centre of the homestead and then continued one of the small paths going to the different sectors. He didn’t like that she was still working, but she just couldn’t sit at home doing nothing, she wanted to help people. She was in her 7th month of pregnancy, and feeling great apart from some movements inside her stomach. She loved feeling the movements of her unborn child; it showed her that it was healthy and alive. She smiled but then her thoughts got back to the scenario in the Hospital.


She followed her. They went down the stairs, to reach the corpse chamber. It got colder every step they made down the stairs. A shiver went down her whole body. She got Goosebumps the closer they came to the chamber. Emily took out her key and opened the door. Cold air awaited them. Emily walked inside and tried to put on the light, but it wouldn’t go on. “Shit” Emily hissed over and over. She smiled; Emily had to learn to control her words. She pulled her emergency torch out of her handbag. It wasn’t unusual that the electricity didn’t work. The upper class wasted all the electricity and the lower classes had to be happy with what they got. The emergency generator of the hospital didn’t work down here either. 


Emily had already walked a few steps towards the dead bodies when she reached her. She gave the torch to Emily, so she could show her the other dead bodies. In total there were six, including the men that recently died and was still upstairs. None of them showed an impact of violence, but they both new that the did not die of natural causes. They were all still wearing expensive suits and jewellery. They belonged to the upper class that was for sure. She started to get worried. She turned around and held her stomach; this movement calmed her down. She took a deep breath and turned around again to face the corpse again. She asked: “Emily, did you already test them for toxics or other substances?” Emily put on a lab coat and answered: “I was about to” she answered and smiled. Emily was totally into her element, she loved her job with her whole heart. She stared at the corpses when she started to feel her stomach roaring and then she felt the urge to throw up. She held her hands in front of her mouth and Emily took her arm. “Ana, go back home and relax, I’ll call Paul to pick you up. Don’t worry you’ll be fine, everything’s going to be all right”. That was the last thing she heard before she fell unconsciousness in Emily’s arms.


He held her hand. She was lying in the bed, and a layer of sweat covered her forehead. She looked so peaceful. Sleeping with a smile on her lips. He got mad. He fortuned that something would happen if she continued to work. But she didn’t listen even though she’s pregnant. He let her hand go and stroke over her tummy. He loved her since the first moment and she meant everything to him. He thought back the last couple of hours.

When he got the phone call, he was still sitting in this café, trying to deal with Chris He was so worried when Emily called him, she told him that Ana had just fell unconsciousness. He jumped off his seat; storming out of the café not even bothering to tell Chris what had happened. Everything that counted was Ana. She was everything for him; he loved her with every inch of his heart. She was the reason why he did all of this.

He ran towards the Hospital, where Emily was waiting for him outside showing him the way to his wife. Emily told him she was overworked and that she just needed some rest. She should stay at the hospital overnight. He was out of his mind. He couldn’t leave her alone in this hospital. He ignored Emily when she screamed for the other doctors and nurses when he picked up Ana and carried her outside. Emily followed them screaming. But he just kept on walking kissed her forehead and walked down the road. She was his wife. He would take care of her. 

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