The UnderWorld

This is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan. This for part of my coursework which we need to describe a setting. Please give me some feedback on it, on how to improve.


1. The Underworld

The Underworld

Dark. Deadly. Destructive. The twisting tall dark towers loomed up in the pitch black sky. The sky was mellow and cruel, which roars like a lion. The twisting trees surround the cold castle like in a trance. The bold black gate looms over you, like it just wants to eat you up. Thick crimson blood splatters everywhere. A long piercing scream fills the air with gloom and terror. The voices of souls wail with pain and tremendous misery. The pavement is cold and hard, and a snake like fountain stands in the middle. You could probably feel its eyes watching your every step. Terror.

I bet you’re sitting on your seats, with goose bumps. A question stirring up in your head. What is this place you wonder? Something of a nightmare perhaps you wonder if a place like this could exist. What you don’t know that this place is real. It’s as real as you or me. For this place is the underworld. The place which haunts your fears, for this far worse than hell. It’s a terror that watches you; its piercing stare can steal away your life. I hear silence; it’s deathly quiet, except for the screams of the tormented souls. My eyes seem stolen as I watch the lake of the tormented; the lake is crimson blood red, the blood of all the lost souls. You can see the bubbles, of the lost souls, probably screaming for help. There probably begging me to help them. But I can’t. I feel like I’m paralyzed from hell. I feel a piercing stare at the back of my neck, and I turn to see the most grotesque monsters ever. Monsters, which you could probably only find in a horrifying nightmare. Their eyes bulging with venom, blood trickling down from their eyes. Their mouths contain slithering snakes, which slither at you. Their body deformed, some have one arm, some have two, while others have seven bulging ones. Freaky.

They glare at me menacingly. Some of them have tails, and some have the creepiest creatures on them. They all look at me with their piercing stares, their eyes hypnotic and powerful. I can feel there hypnotic pull, wanting them to draw me into them. I can feel there intoxicating voice, in my mind, calling me. The wind blows ferociously, and I shiver in the cold. I take the twisty pathway and walk inside the castle.  Dirty walls stare at me, blood streaked the hard walls. The hard cold walls stare back at me without interest; and I fight back the frost bites that gnaw at me. My eyes take on what is in front of me, and then I take long strides, until I am at the door. The door is painted purple, with a large doorknob with the image of a bull dog. I can almost feel the bull dog gnarly teeth lunging at me. I feel tendrils of blazing hot fire snake its way towards me. Warmth fills the air. I hit the door repeatedly waiting. Time passes by slowly, and I watch my life flash before my eyes. Suddenly, the door opens. I run in, and watch the door slams right behind me.  My heart pounds rapidly, as I pant deeply, trying to catch my breath.  Suddenly a hand is thrust at my face, and that is when I realize that I was in the floor. I take the hand, and then feel myself being lifted. I turn to see who my savior was, and then I smile.  A beautiful angelic face welcomes me. I turn to see a pair of beautiful sea blue eyes, so blue I feel I could swim in it, and lovely brown hair. I notice my savior is wearing a robe of some sort. I look at him interestingly, wondering who my savior could be. An angel? A god perhaps. My savior catches me watching him, and then smiles at me.

“You’re not from around here?” he tells me in an intoxicating voice, in a question like way, but in a way which I know it’s not a question but that of a fact.

“No. I am not from around here.” I reply quietly, brushing the dirt from my trousers.

“Let me show you the castle.” My savior tells me kindly.

My eyes spot on him, and then I follow him around the twisty staircase. My eyes freeze when I notice the staircase is old, and creaks loudly beneath my feet. What am I doing here? I wonder, following a stranger around a mysterious castle. I realize he hasn’t told me his name, but then again. I haven’t told him my name either. I follow him up the stairs, and then I sigh with astonishment. I see the beautiful chandelier above my head, the beautiful sparkling lights, shining like diamonds and sapphire. Large portraits are hung on the walls. The portraits frighten me, with demonic terrifying creatures, and tortured faces. Their eyes staring at me with pity, and desperation, that was when I realize that these were the same creatures I had seen outside, and the same tortured faces which I had seen in the lake. I gasp frightened, feeling terrified. Scared. Shocked. Afraid. That was how I was feeling. Where was I? How did I get here? I saw the words inscribed on the portraits “The Underworld” it said. My heart pounded rapidly, and beads of sweat trickled down my face. I turned around quickly, and then I screamed; in terror.


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