REWRITTEN. new story line same characters and some new ones relationships the same as well.

Misty was orphaned at a young age and is now 15 she's home schooled and her only friend is the lady that owns the orphanage she always dreams of her family and when people come in she hopes they will adopt her but they never do as she watches people leave with other children she starts to give up facing the fact nobody wants to adopt an older kid.


4. My new home

We arrived at my new home we got out of the car and followed louis inside he showed me my room I set everything up putting my bunny on my bed by the pillows and Louis said "get ready we have visitors coming over in 20 minutes" I nodded "hey, so do you know who is coming over?" He shook his head "all I know is Eleanor is gonna be here" "really?" I said Eleanor was like a role model to me felt bad because I only heard of her when she got with Louis but I adored her now "yeah she does need to meet her new daughter" he said I sat back in my seat "oh my god Eleanor Calder is my mom" "lucky you huh" he said "it's like a dream come true! no way should I be this lucky" "well you got lucky" he said.


A knock on the door made Jacob and I turn to look at it then to each other "must be Eleanor" he said getting up I sat there nervous what if I'm not wanted or not what she expected me to look like? I wiped my hands on my pants as Jacob unlocked and opened the door "oh hey didn't expect you guys to be here" "Louis said there was a surprise curious we all chose to come over and see that surprise" "well come in and welcome home mom" he said Eleanor came inside "it seems nobody is interested in my house no matter how many times that realtor says people will want this house it will take time I don't think that time is coming soon enough I'm tired of having to talk to the realtor and go over to the house because potential buyers claim there is something wrong within the house and that realtor needs to know what happened there" she sat her bag down and took her shoes off while the others smiled "hey Jacob that your girlfriend? good job bud knew you had it in ya" Niall had said "actually no she is not my girlfriend" "well then who is she" "she is Mistiyah, the new addition to the family" Louis said walking inside they looked from him to me and I felt nervous all over again "um hello" I said "you mean" Eleanor said Louis smiled and nodded "oh my god! it's great to meet you I always wanted a daughter" she said coming over to me I smiled and shook her hand "I'm Eleanor" I nodded "I'm a huge fan you're like my role model" I said she smiled wider "I think we're gonna get along perfectly" she said "I hope so" I said "alright come I made dinner we can talk while we eat" Louis said. I sat next to El and Zayn and Jacob sat across the table in between Harry and Louis then at the end of the table was Niall and at the other end was Liam. I ate till my stomach couldn't take it anymore and I sat down my fork "full?" I was asked I nodded and leaned back in the chair "it was good though thank you" I said.

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