Around the world ♡ {Brooklyn Beckham/football fic}

It's time. Today was Sophie's first training session of the season. But what will happen when she lays her eyes on her new coach for the first time?
Read this story to find out what takes her "around the world"


1. c h a p t e r 1.



YAYY I've made this into a story!

It just started off as I kept writing down ideas for a story but now I'm actually writing it on here! Okay this is exciting!

Okay, I'll let you read now! I hope you like it, and yeah!


"SOPHIE WHERE IS MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER?!" A voice screamed down the hall, causing my eyes to flutter open.

"I don't know.." I mumbled into my pillow, closing my eyes again

"Get up you ass!" My younger brother Andy yelled, jumping on to my bed and continuing to bounce around me.

"Don't say that Andy!" Mum snapped, entering my room as well.

I groaned and rolled over, i just wanted to sleep today, but it seemed that everyone else in the house wanted otherwise

"Soph, I think you should really get up now-" Mum was cut off as I heard the door creak open slightly, and then close again.

As I was half asleep, I didn't really care that someone else was in here.

"WAKEY WAKEY!" My older brother Zak, yelled and tipped ice cold water all over my face. I knew this because once one drop hit my cheek, I jolted upright with wide eyes.

I could just see him and my evil little sister, Lilly, run off giggling.

"ZAAAAKKKKK!!" I screamed as loud as I could.

"Omg, can you like not scream, I'm on the phone!" My sister Rachael came into my room, looking at me like I killed somebody.

I decided not to answer, but just to tell everyone to get out of my room while I got changed.

I quickly stripped and jumped into the cool shower. Soon enough I was finished, so I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, pulling faces at myself. I then decided on a Liverpool jersey with no name on the back, and some mint green skinny jeans, which were always a struggle, and adding my white converse to the outfit. I looked at myself in my full length mirror, I looked average, but I never dressed up, I didn't even wear dresses. I quickly tied my hair into a messy ponytail and walked out of my room, heading straight for heaven, a.k.a. the kitchen.

I swiftly grabbed the tub of nutella and a spoon, looking around cautiously before sprinting to my room, which was a bit harder than usual considering I had super skinny jeans on.

"Sophie Louise Brooks, bring that back right now!" My mum yelled to me just as I reached my door.

I cursed under my breath as I quickly made my way back to the kitchen.

"You have soccer training today miss, so no sugar or fatty foods for you" she strolled up to me, with my baby brother Jai in her arms.

"What? No! That can't be today!"

"Why are you upset? You couldn't wait a few days ago" she looked puzzled now.

"Well I forgot the day, why do we have it on a Saturday anyway?"

"I don't know, I just know that you have a new coach, because they finally realized that the last one was shit" she mumbled the last part, looking down at Jai.

I sighed, putting down the nutella and picking up an apple instead.

"That's my girl" mum smiled, squeezing my cheeks before I jogged back to my room.

I picked my phone up off of the bedside table as it lit up, a text.


'Hey! Are you coming tonight? I hear the coach is really hot ;) xx'

I laughed at my stupid best friend and quickly replied with:

'Yeah of course! I highly doubt it, thinking about our past coaches, but we'll see! xx'


'yeah, i feel like eating ice cream and looking at pictures of the beckhams, wanna join? xx'

I answered with:

'Sounds good! I'll be over in 5 :) xx'

I quickly headed out of my room with my phone in hand.

"Hey mum, I'm going down to Hazel's for a bit, okay?" I yelled

"Sure, just be home by 4!" She answered.

Soon enough a small figure sprinted up to me, breathing heavily, Andy.

"Soph-sophie-I'm-coming-coming-too-t-to-see-joe" he said in between breaths.

I didn't say anything, just nodding in the direction of the door.

Joe was Hazel's brother, and unlike me, her only sibling. Joe was 8, the same age as Andy and seeing as they lived down the road, they saw each other quite often.

But oh my, I haven't introduced myself, well, my name's Sophie Brooks, I'm 14 years old and I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia. I live with my siblings Rachael (23), Zak (17), Katrina (14), Adam (8), Lilly (6), Jai (11mo) and my Mum, Susannah (46) and Dad, Pete (49). Katrina and I are the same age, as we were born in the same year, I'm not sure how that happened, but I was born in January and she was born in December, so I guess it was possible.

At the moment it's Saturday, FINALLY, and for some reason today I have soccer training. Football/soccer is a big part of my life and has been since I was young. For a few years now I've had the same coach, he's absolutely terrible, I don't understand why the club hasn't fired him until now, From this year onwards, my team and I will have a new coach.

When I was little, I always played on boys' teams, because the girls I played with were always a bit slow at picking up rules and tricks, so I always stayed with the boys', until a few years ago. I got offered a place on our new girls' team, which I accepted, because I wanted to have a shot.

So that's all about me, but let's get on with my story.

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