Drowning Beautiful

Based off the song "Drowning Beautiful" By Bad Wolf


2. Juno wake up.....

~Juno's POV ~

"Girl, person wake up!" It was a faraway voice, I open her eyes. "Your alive!" The girl said startled, she had wings. "You have been asleep for about a day, I came and took you here. Oh how unpolite, I'm Larken what's your name?" Her name was Larken..... Pretty for a fairy? "I'm Juno." I replied "I was swimming when I found box and now I'm here." "Hmm, hey where did you get that necklace?" She asked me "What? Oh I must of got it from the box..." I said with a frown on my face "Are you sad?" "No." You aren't like me what are you!" She yelled "I'm a mermaid....Just a mermaid."

~Larken POV ~

Walking in the forest, it gets soooo boreing. I'm the only one here! Until, right on the beach a body was there she look about my age. I draged her to my house her outfit was teared and tattered, I'm betting it was even more beautiful without the tears.The next day,"Girl person wake up!" I yelled at her as she opened her eyes,"You're alive...." there was fear in my voice. "I'm Juno, I was swimming when I found a box and now I'm here." She sounded confused. "Hmm, hey where did you get that necklace?" I asked her. "From the box...." Go figure...She had a frown. "you sad?" "No" "wait you arn't like me what are you!" I yelled "I'm a mermaid.... Just a mermaid." she told me

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