Lainey Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Various people have told Lainey she looks just like her mother, but she has her father's eyes. Who any of those people are, well-Lainey couldn't tell you.
But her brother is getting almost the same feedback-just opposite.
One day they both get a letter in the mail, adressed to their cupboard. Yes, they share one cupboard.
Can Lainey survive Hogwarts? How will things turn out? As envious as Harry is about the treatment Professor Snape gives her , she isn't having much luck with the other subjects, such as fitting in.
But the mystery of the Sorcerer 's Stone must be uncovered.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One:


The Owl in the Window



.         I wake up to a loud screeching noise. I jerk up, and I hit my head on the shelf above me. At the sound and vibration  of my head hitting the wall, Harry kicks at me in his sleep. The sudden screeching jerks him up as well.

"Oi, what was that all about?" Harry  moans.

"You're getting taller," I say. "I'm not sure we can share this cupboard much longer. Plus, the whole gender difference is kinda awkward."

"Don't change the subject, but yes, I agree," Harry sighs as he sits up. "But what was that noise?"

I check my watch, which I found on the street one day and kept. "It's about six-thirty, they won't be up yet. Let's go check it out," I say, cracking open the door. And when I say they, k mean the people who beat me when I say I haven't been fed I'm days and I feel sick, saying I'm selfish and I'm lucky they took us in. I'd much rather be in an orphanage, but one can only hope.

     I peek out the window in the living room to see a-hold on, what exactly is that?

"Bloody-" I cover Harry's mouth with my hand and use my other to point down the hall, then put it against my lips. We continue to stare.

.   A magnificent Great Horned Owl is perched on the sill, pecking at a dead fly. Next to it is an envelope.


Harry and Lainey Potter

The cupboard Under the Stairs

Number 4 Privet Drive 

Little Whinging, Surrey


.    But just as I reach out the now open window and begin to rip it open, a firm hand grasps my hair and pulls me to the ground.

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