Carinza "cary" Henderson's and Marleen Johnson's daughters are walking home from school... everything was normal till they never got home. This suspense story is of when trying to find there two daughters ...are they alive or... no o...r will they never be found.


1. Kidnapped

"they should be home soon" cary Henderson spoke softly on the phone with her best friend marleen. "why aren't  they home now it never takes this long" marleen's  frustration in her voice highly noticeable now, "maby they stopped on the cornerstreet mini market they love to buy sodas and candy there after school maby their just taking their time don't be so worried" said cary less worriedly than she should've been. "You never know" marleen's voice rising incredibly,"they could be anywhere by now its been an hour scince school got out please be more considerate cary" marleens voice very high pitched and shaky."ill be over soon we can look for them together okay mar?"..."okay" 

four hours later................

"THEY'RE NOT ANYWHERE" marleen yelled tears gushing from the edges of her eyes.." I know we need to contact the police they must have a way to look at the school cameras!!" cary said almost yelling. cary pulled the SUV into a low built building with cracked sidewalk and wooden roof the sign on the door read Ashland,Ohio police departmentThe door swung open as they approached it a man stumbled out followed by a cop " buhh I dowanna go do jail" the mans words slurred. the room was low ceilinged and had a musty smell to it. the walls were grey and only a board lind with fliers hung on the wall a row of leatherback chairs on either side of the room a window with a woman behind it faced them. marleen walked up to the plated glass window. "how can I help you?" the woman spoke with a slight accent unsure from where though. "are daughters walk home from school everday..but never came home today." carys voice shaky and loud, tears forming in her blue eyes. the lady asked them questions and finally got up and walked futher into the office out of sight. a door by the left side of the window  swung open and an armed officer walked out. "what are your daughters names?" he said through a thick mustache. " clarissa Henderson and Meagan Johnson"said marleen. "okay lets take a look at the school security tapes' he said rather loud. they walked through the door and into a large office with the same look as the previous room. the only difference was a few cluttered desks along the walls and small tvs set by each one. "my name is officer renolds and I have looked at the school security camers... a white van had been previously spotted parked next to the school side walk. it showed a brown haired girl with a large purple backpack and a redhead with no backpack walking along the same sidewalk. spoke officer renolds. "THOSE ARE OUR GIRLS!!!!" cary and marleen spoke in unison." let me speak" he said.." the girls walked by the van once out of sight of the cameras we heard 2 screams and the van took off no girls in sight. "what does this mean!!!" marleen shouted..."this means they've been taken" sighed officer renolds a look of sadness upon his face." wait what do you mean?" said cary. "it means" he said.."they've been kidnapped

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