Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


5. the break up

Ashley's POV

Ring -The person you are trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet-

~He sent me to voicemail~

I tried again but he sent me to voice mail...

~He must be with a friend or something~

Mom: ASHLEY!!!



Me: NOT YET...


Me: OK...

I jumped into the shower and when i was done i got into a pair of jeans and my favorite fancy shirt...



I ran downstairs and saw Justin and his mom and dad

Me: Hey Justin..

He looked so handsome


Justin: Hey I’m glad to see your ok… I was worried…

Me: You were??

Justin: Uuhhhhhhhh… Yeah… -He scratched the back of his head- Can we talk somewhere?? Just the two of us??

Me: Yeah follow me…

We went up to my room…

Me: What’s-

Justin: I like you…

Me: W-what??

Justin: I… -he walked over towards me and grabbed my hand- really like you…

Me: Y-you do??

Justin: Yeah I-

-You can count on me like 1 2 3-

~He calls me right now?!?!?~

Me: Sorry I have to take this..

_I could see he was a little hurt_

Justin: Y-yeah of course.. I’ll be downstairs…

Me: I’ll be right down…


Me: H-hi??

Max: Hey…

Me: W-what’s wrong??

Max: N-nothing…

Me: Tell me

Max: I-I need to tell you something… I-

???: Babe who are you talking to??

Me: Who was that??

Max: N-nobody


Max: N-no…

Me: Wait one sec..

Max: O-ok

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-puts the phone down~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

I ran downstairs and found Justin…

Me: J-justin I need your help…

Justin: What- _I dragged him up to my room_

Me: Be quiet…

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-back to phone call~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Me: Hey sorry…

-I wrote a note saying “Babe who are you talking to? We need to finish what we started”-

Max: It’s ok…

-I handed it to Justin with pleading eyes…-

Justin: Babe who are you talking to? We need to finish what we started

Me: Justin.. shh I’m on the phone…

Max: Who was that?

Me: No one…

Max: who. was. that.

Me: A friend but I’m breaking up with you because you’re a selfish jerk who doesn’t care about anyone else..

Max: No Ashley wa-

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-end of phone call~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Me: Thanks…

Justin: It’s ok…

Me: Let’s go eat…

Justin: Ok…

We went downstairs and saw our family talking…

Mom: Where were you two?

Me: My room…

Mom: Doing??

Me: He was helping me with my math homework..

Mom: Ok…

Me: Who’s this?

Mom: Oh.. Ashley meet Mr. and Mrs. Johnes

Mrs. Johnes: Hun you can call me Lucy (I don’t know if that’s his parent’s real names) (oh and in case you forgot it’s still Justin Johnes)

Mr. Johnes: I’m Steve (I don’t know if that’s his parent’s real names)

-You can count on me like 1 2 3-

I forgot my phone was in my back pocket

Me: Sorry I forgot…

I didn’t accept the call because I didn’t feel like talking and we had guests over… So I put it on silent…

Me: So when’s dinner??

Mom: We were just waiting for you guys…

Me: Ok..

We went and ate dinner

~~~~~~~after dinner~~~~~~


Mr. and Mrs. Johnes agreed

Mr. Johnes: We should really go..

Mrs. Johnes: Steve! Mary would you like some help with the dishes?

Mom: Please

They both cleared the table and went into the kitchen..

Mr. Johnes: Son I have to go grade some papers.. Tell your mom I went home..

Justin: Ok.. I’ll tell mom…

Mrs. Johnes: Tell mom what?

We all looked back and saw her drying her hands…

Mr. Johnes: I was going to tell you I’m going back home to grade some papers…

Justin: Can I stay??

Mrs. Johnes: Mary?

Mom: Yes??

Mrs. Johnes: Can Justin hang out here for a little bit??

Mom: Of course he can!

Mr. and Mrs. Johnes thanked my mom and left..

Me: We’re going upstairs..

Mom: Ok

We went upstairs and I shut the door

Me: Sorry about my mom…

Justin: Its ok.. I’m just ha-

“An idiot is trying to reach your cellular device”

Justin: Wait one second..

He walked away and answered it..


Justin J POV

~Damn Bieber really~


Me: Hey JB

Justin: Hey am I interrupting something?

Me: Nooo.. and when did you care?

Justin: Well I saw you hanging out with that hot new girl..

Me: Oh.. I’m at her house right now..

Justin: Oh.. Me, Carter, Matthew, Cody, Cameron, and Nash wanted to know if you could hang?

Cody: Ask him to bring the girl

Me: Hahaha I’ll ask her.

Justin: Alright now were talkin!

Me: Where?

Justin: My house.. Now

Me: Alright

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-end of phone call~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Me: Sorry..

Ashley: It’s fine…

Me: Do you want to hang out with me and my friends?

Ashley: Who

Me: Me, Justin Bieber, Carter, Matthew, Cody, Cameron, and Nash

Ashley: Sure

Me: Ok.. Get ready I’ll go downstairs..

Ashley: I just have to get my bag…

She grabbed her bag and we left.

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