Dead {The Walking Dead Fanfic}

Emily is surviving. A zombie apocalypse. Alone. But when she stumbles at a camp, a few things go wrong. Will she live? Will she die? Or will she be right in the middle, a zombie?


1. The Beginning :3

I continue to walk the path slowly following the tracks of a cowboy boot.

I look around for any walkers but realize only 2 a few kilometers back.

I ignore them.

I begin to witness a suburb unfold with abandoned buildings and empty cars.

I looked similar to my part of Georgia but I thanked myself or survival.

I took a step closer watching the game of black jack played by an old man and a teenage girl. There was happiness in their game. Laughter in their smiles.

I stand there watching, wishing it was me.

I continue to look around but take a step o my left trying to hide in the bushes.

I watch a man in a sheriff outfit and a rocker- motorcycle dude with a bow and arrow arguing on something.

They began to speak about a prison but I didn't pay attention for much longer.

I look further down, hoping to see a food supply or supplies. Period.

But only see a grand house with few rocking chairs and a pregnant woman with her son.

I stare at the woman with thinking. Thinking about my past. When my mother was pregnant with me.

I continue to stare at her wishing she would move or talk or show some sort of human quality.

But instead of watching the mother with the womb, I should've been watching the boy.

The boy spots me and opens his eyes with fear. He looked right around my age.

He gets out of his seat and picks up his gun. Before anything, he puts on his hat.

Trying not to get much attention, he walks over to me but I scurry off a few bushes back still getting an image of the boy.

He points the gun at me but looks back probably not wanting anyone to see him.

He leaves his camp and tells me to move back as he moves forward.

Of course I listen. He had a gun pointing at me.

He hasn't seen my face but we were about 50 feet away from his camp and we were still moving.

"Keep moving. I have the gun, now MOVE!" He tells me.

I showed no fear. Instead, I showed my face.

I stare into his eyes as he stared into mine.

Seconds pasted while me and him just stared.

I was captured in his blue eyes only waiting for him to rescue me.

I heard te breath he was taking to let out a sound.

That sound was, "Oh my god, go to my camp. Zombies are coming."

I turn back due to the panic in his voice only witnessing a stampede of walkers making there way towards us.

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