Ghost of You

Abandoned at the alter by her beloved, which she learns is because he died, Alana is angry. She is haunted by the spirit of her fiance, who claims he is sorry and requests forgiveness. Alana refuses, and he is angry. Alana must stay safe as she tries to live on, but he haunts her still. Can she shake him off, or will he kill her just to stay together?


1. I


     I look at him from across the table. He smiles at me. I smile back.

"So, tomorrow's the wedding," he says.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious, for captioning my nervousness. Couldn't have done it without you."

"Hey, I'm here to help." He leans back in his seat. I imagine that I'd never met him. What an idiot, I'd think. I'd be ashamed to marry him.

"So, what about I go with the guys to Nashville, and you go with the girls," he says. The wedding is two hours away. "Okay. Just drive carefully."

"Can I take your order?" A perky waitress with a single pigtail smiles.

"Yes, I'd like a water with lemon and a salad," I say.

"Cheeseburger Deluxe with a milkshake." I glare at him. "What? I ain't got no weight to lose."

I roll my eyes and the waitress giggles. She walks away. 

"Oh, Samuel, you idiot," I mumble under my breath.

"I heard that," he chuckles. We talk about wedding jitters as I nibble at my salad and he chomps his cheeseburger. Later at the house, The Best Man, Richard, his brother, comes.

"I've come to accompany his Highness on a trip to the chapel," Richard says, bowing. 

"Ah, shut it," says Sam. "Bye honey." He kisses me on the cheek and climbs into the car with a couple other groomsmen.

If only I could know what tragedy awaits them.

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