Carlisle daughter

This is a story about Carlisle daughter and her life


1. Back home

I was sitting in my room when the front door opened and not long after Bella and my dad come up to her room. But she has to stop by my room. Don't get me wrong I love Bella she's a great sister it's just that when I'm near her something bad always happen.


today is the first day of school, I go to forks high school. I got up and got showered and brushed my teeth. I put on a vest top with some black skinny jeans and a leather jacket, I blowed dried my hair and pulled it into a pony tail. I didn't wait for Bella to get dressed I left without her and walked to school. As I got there I ran into Alice Cullen. 


"Sorry Alice" I said with a smile she smiled back

"it ok" she said I smiled and walked off to my friends. 


The day was going really slowly since I'm the same age as Bella I have a few classes with her like biology and sports. I hate biology I had to sit next to that creepy kid that keeps asking me out. Bella sat next to that really strange kid Edward everyone calls him strange I think strange is awesome don't you think.  

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