Hello, Love

Romantic Short Story


1. Hello, Love


You twirl a strand of my ebony locks around your finger and then let it uncoils, falling back into place with the rest of my hair. I smile and slowly open my eyes wide, only to meet your chocolate ones.


“Hello, love,” you whisper as your lips brush the tip of my nose. I giggle and dodge your kiss. Your brows furrow and your mouth turns down at the corners. “Why can’t I kiss you?”


I think for a moment, tapping my index finger against my chin. “Because I didn’t give you permission to kiss me, that’s why,” I reply coyly, running my hand down your chiseled chest.


You growl playfully and take my left hand between both of yours. “You gave me permission the day you agreed to be my wife,” you remind me as you begin to turn the ring around my finger. As the light passes through the diamond, a rainbow begins dancing across your face. You look even more beautiful, but I don’t tell you because that would only inflate your ego.


“Did I really? But I don’t remember saying ‘and you may kiss me whenever you please’ in my vows,” I tease, my heart beating faster as I run my thumb over your full bottom lip. I’ve always envied your lips, which are so plump and pink, while mine are deflated and pale. But I’ve never told you because you would just call me silly; you always do when I complain about the way I look.


You grin. “It was in there, you were probably just too dazzled by my amazingly good looks to pay any attention to anything you said. But I don’t blame you in the slightest.”


I shake my head and run my hand through your already disheveled mane of flaxen curls. Your hair is soft like velvet and I just want to curl up to you and run my fingers through it all day long. But I can’t because I have to go to work and so do you.


“Hmm, I suppose you’re right,” I say in a thinking manner, hiding a smirk behind my hand. “Okay then; you can kiss me.” I pucker my lips and wait for your lips to meet mine.


You raise your hand and your fingers caress my cheek, while your other arm wraps around my waist and pulls me into you. Your lips run down my jaw and I release a sigh of delight when they finally meet my lips. Your kiss is warm and gentle and deep as the ocean. Time passes, but I don’t know how long because when I’m kissing you, nothing else matters.

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