Reflections (Naruto FanFiction)

Team 7 came back to find Sakura is a top ANBU Captain and goes on a assassination with her as Captain. She was then put into a situation where she was captured by Itachi Uchiha. The only thing she remembered before giving in to the darkness around her were the words, "Join us, willingly or if necessary, force which is going to be your worst nightmare." [Requested by Animelover280 on Wattpad]


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"Stop there. Who are you and what do you want?" a guard asked them as they neared their village.

"Oh we are just tourists traveling here and there. We stopped by to rest for the night." Sakura lied through her teeth with a fake smile. The guards thought about it before giving them a nod and opening the gates.

"Have a nice stay!' The guard said after their entry suddenly cheerful. Only the men of the group said 'Thank you's' while the pink-haired female walked forward not glancing back or showing concern once. They arrived at an inn. Kakashi stepped up to the lady at the counter.

"Hello. I am Akashi, and these are my friends. We would like three rooms for the night please." He said with a small smile. The women who was filing her nails was now fixing her eyes on Kakashi with a dreamy look.

"Oh ok. Here are your keys to your rooms. And if you would like anything else please just ask. It'll be brought up to you right away." She purred at him hoping he would get the double meaning.

Kakashi smiled, took the keys and walked up the stairs directed to their chamber. Once out of the women's seeing range, he let out a grimace as the others laughed. Excluding Sakura who just glanced at them with cold eyes and walked ahead once again. Laughter ceased as they heard a door slam. Kakashi glanced down at his hands noticing only two keys of the three. Eyes widening he looked towards the direction of Sakura's room. 'When did she take those? I didn't even see her move towards me.' He thought amazed at her speed.

"I will be paired up with Cat-san as I was her teacher." Kakashi said carefully for he knows Sakura could still hear them speaking.

They heard a grunt coming from Sakura's room. Yamato knowing it was his cue to intercept.

"Akashi-san, I don't think Cat-san would appreciate you rooming with-"

"And why not?" He pressed on.

"For you abandoned her for your other students when she needed you the most. You should be ashamed of yourself. If I were her, I'd find a new sensei early." Yamato nearly shouted in anger. He and Sakura had grown really close after her team leaving. Yamato even thought of her his little sister. And it had hurt him so to see her in pain. Physical or emotional.

Kakashi's face fell slightly as he remembered the memories.


A/N-Stopped there because then it would be waaay too long. Hope you enjoy this chapter! Please tell me what you think in the comment box below.

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