One Direction Imagines/Preferences

This is just a book of situations about you and the boys on the stairs!! XD


1. Harry Imagine


Hello people of movellas! My name is Molly and I love to write and play music. This book will be a book filled with imagines/preferences that you guys should enjoy. Just an FYI, I don't do dirty imagines. So if that's what you're looking for, go somewhere else! If you want an imagine, just leave me a message with the following info:



What you want to happen:

I'll take it from there. So I thought I'd tell you a little about myself before you read my work. I'm 13 years old and I love food, One Direction, and music. I play six instruments and will be going into high school this coming August. I love to write, I think of it as my escape route and I don't sound like this when I talk. I'm usually very loud and I will be in my Author's Notes to come so if you don't like random duckness then you cray cray.

I hope you enjoy my work!!!!

I love you guys!!!





Somebody once asked you, "What would you do if the love of your life left you for a long time?" Baffled by the question you answered with the basic I don't know with a small bewildered smile on your face. But, now you know exactly how to answer that. You live that exact life almost all year round. Harry, your boyfriend, spends a month by your side, then leaves for a three month tour. You love him though. You sit in your flat that you two owned together and look at old photographs of the pair of you. The more recent ones in the back. Glancing at the happy memories, a hot tear comes to your eye threatening to fall down the expanse of your cheek. If only he hadn't left. You thought to yourself.

Tired from your long day of missing your beloved, you stumble your way to your room that is now empty for two months. You grasp the shirt that he sent to you and place it under your nose. It still smells like him, but the scent is slowly fading. "Three more months to go." You whisper to yourself as you succumb to the numbness of sleep.

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