On A Valentines Day

Samantha Nightingale lived an average life for a while. No friends at first, but then a new guy cameto her school. His name was James Valentine. Her life was to change forever when he asked her out. It was just her and him for a while, living the perfect life. But then what started out very special, began crumbling apart. When James left her, Samantha died inside, shutting herself off from the world, always depressed. As Valentines day drew near by the day, Samantha couldn't possibly get any worse knowing she was going to be alone for the first Valentines Day in years. Is there any chance of getting her true love back, before it is too late?


1. Prologue

It was years ago when I was alone, pure, and used to the idea of staying single forever. I wasn't a person that keen on the idea of love from the start. I would turn my nose up at girls snogging their boyfriends against a wall. I decided years ago love wasn't my thing, and I would remain single forever. I was happy with the choice I made, for who ever wants to fall deep in someones arms, to eventually be dropped off the edge of a cliff to their heart rendering death? Not me, that's for sure... But I had to meet that one, that only, my only... His name was James Valentine. He was a boy like no other. Kind, understanding, polite, and crazy about me. As crazy as I was for him infact. Against my minds wishes, my heart dragged me into a commited relationship. My first love, and I hoped he would be my last as well. But things started going downhill fast, after a few monthes of total dream worthy stuff. I still dread the day... The day my one, my only lover left me... My name is Samantha Nightingale, and this is my heart breaking story of the struggles romance soon brought to my door...

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