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Mandy and Harry used to be bestfriends but then harry ditched her to become popular. Will he try to make it up to her? Will they have a forever after? Who knows?


1. I'm sorry

Mandy's POV

"Honey get up, you don't want to be late for school" my mum yelled from downstairs. I quickly got dressed in jeans and an over sized jumper that said "pizza" with a picture of pizza on it, as you can tell I don't dress to please because there is no one to please and also because the weather in Manchester is all over the place so I decide to play it safe. I grabbed my black converse and ran downstairs and grabbed an apple but not before tying my shoes. I ran out of the house yelling bye to my mum and dad and walking to school eating my apple. It wasn't a long walk to my school so I usually walked.

It was the last week of year 12 and I couldn't wait to get out of here and away from harry. Harry never use to bully me and call me names we use to actually be best friends back in middle school but then he became more popular and he eventually ditched me for the popular group. Harry was my only friend but then I was left with no one, I was alone.

I went through the morning pretty quickly and thankfully I hadn't run into harry so far. Soon it was lunch and I lined up to get my food. Eventually I was at the front of the line and I stocked up my tray with all sorts of food. I was about to walk away to sit by myself when I heard a voice behind me say "how fat are you trying to get? Oh wait you already are" I turned around and it was that rude, disrespectful boy, harry styles. He was wearing his same black skinny jeans with a black shirt. I gave him an evil glare and turned away to go sit by myself as he chuckled with his friends. I sat alone at the back corner of the cafeteria just eating peacefully when a rude jock came up to me and started flirting with me by saying "what's up babe? Wanna stop by my house on your way home?" I just told him to go away and faced back to my plate but he didn't agree with what I said so he grabbed my hair yanking it so I was facing him. I winced In pain but all of a sudden his hand flew up and slapped me across the face. I felt pain all through my face and he was about to slap me again so I squeezed my eyes shut awaiting for him to continue but as seconds passed he didn't. I opened my eyed to see harry on top of the jock who I didn't know the name of and he was punching him left, right, left, right. Causing blood to run down the jocks face. The jock tried to get a punch in but harry easily dodged and continued until I realised, that if Harry continued he would surely kill him, I had to do something. I got up and yelled at harry to stop but he didn't listen so I ran up to him and tried yanking him off of he boy but he retaliated and pushed back causing me to stumble backwards and fall over. Luckily I was alright but when Harry saw he came to my side and helped me up. " I am so sorry I didn't realise it was you Mandy" he said with such worry. I assured him that it was alright, that I was alright but he denied and took me to the nurses. She wasn't there because it was Monday so we just went in and I sat on the chair while harry just stood there starring at me. It got me thinking, why was harry being so nice to me when he was usually so mean and rude to me. I just sat there staring into those beautiful emerald eyes waiting for a response.

Harry's POV

She just sat there staring at me with a confused look on her face. "What are you thinking about?" I asked her, wanting to know the answer. SHe answered softly "why did you do that back there when all these years you have been nothing but mean to me?" I honestly did not know the answer. I just saw him and flipped when he slapped Mandy and I couldn't help it. I said nothing just walking up to her and checking out her cheek where she was slapped. There was a red mark on her left cheek but it was alright. I looked back up staring into her beautiful green-blue eyes and I was so tempted to... But I can't.... But I must, I finally gave in leaning in slowly I placed a gentle kiss on her lips before getting up and leaving. I couldn't help myself. I felt the need to kiss those full lips and I don't regret it one bit but I knew she would be even more confused because she was right I have been nothing but a bully but that was because I had to, to stay popular but I didn't mean anything I said to her. I still have a small crush on her bit she must never know.

***** hey guys I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter! This is my first time doing anything like this so all your suggestions are appreciated.******

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