I thought he loved me

Hi, my name is Katlyn, and I would like to tell you what you don't know about me. my mother died when I was only 8, and now I am living with my abusive father. on till I decide to escape (witch wont be easy)


1. My Story.

 It has been 9 years 5 months and 24 days since my mother had passed away, she was the closest thing I had, but now she was gone. It wasn't her fault though, she was murdered. Murdered. She didn't deserve that, she was the nicest person ever. She would never intently be rude, or say rude things to anyone. I remember her telling me "Only good things happen, to people who have done good." I say that to myself everyday wondering, "How did this happen to her, she was so good, and so kind?" So now i'm living with my abusive father, I call him "Living hell"

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