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193. The Prince and I - Final part

Today was the day, the day that I would be marrying the love of my life. I had grown more used to the thought of Justin being a prince, and that I was going to be a princess. Even though it did still seem like a dream! 
Justin and I were going to get married at Westminister Abbey, it was the church Justin had always wanted to get married in, so of course we were gonna get married there. 
I was getting ready at the castle. I was supposed to be at the church in 10 minutes, but I was running late, my hairdresser was still doing my hair, but otherwise everything was perfect. Charlie came in through the door wearing her maid of honor dress. The dress was silver, and it was filled with glitter and rhinestones. The dress was very beautiful, and it did her very good, not that Charlie didn't have a hot body because she definitely had! 

"GOSH, you look so beautiful!" I squealed as I looked at her through the mirror. Charlie smiled widely and twirled around for me to see the whole dress. 
"Thank you so much! But I'm nothing compared to you!" she told me as she came up to me. I gently turned my head towards her and smiled widely. 
"I really can't believe I'm going to get married today!" I told her. 
"Me neither, but I'm really happy for you," Charlie told me, then she side-hugged me and went over to my dress. 
"Okay, your hair is done," my hairdresser told me, which made me turn to look at myself in the mirror. 
"It's beautiful, thank you!" I told her as I grabbed her hand. 
"Anything for you soon to be princess," the hairdresser told me, then she left the room. 
"Okay, let's get you into this gorgeous dress now," Charlie told me, then two ladies-in-waiting came into the room. They smiled widely as they saw me, then they helped me into the dress. 

As one of them was zipping my dress, mom and dad came walking in through the door. 
"Sweetie, you look like a dream!" mom gasped. She covered her mouth, then small tears started running down her cheeks. 
"Aww mom, please don't cry, you know how I get when you cry," I told her as I started crying myself. Mom grabbed my face and placed her forehead against mine. She stared into my eyes as we both continued to cry, while still making sure that our makeup would be intact. 
"I can't believe my baby's getting married" mom sobbed. Dad joined in, he then pecked my forehead and pulled away. 
"You look, beautiful darling," he told me, then he grabbed my mom's hand and left the room. Mom and dad would be taking a car on their own, as would I, since I would be arriving last. Tv-stations all over the world would be recording the biggest day of my life for the rest of the world to see. So, therefore, I could actually just turn on the television to see Justin if that's what I wanted, but I wanted his attire to be a surprise. 
"Sweetie, we both better get going, Noah's waiting downstairs for me, and your car will be here very soon," Charlie told me, then she helped me down the stairs by holding my dress so it wouldn't get dirty. 
"Thank you, sweetie," I told, then I pecked her cheek and let her get to her car, then she and Noah drove off. 
A few seconds later my car was parked right outside the castle. The driver got out and helped me get into the car as well as my ladies-in-waiting. 
"Good luck" the ladies yelled, then they closed the door and soon after we left the castle. I sighed happily and looked out of the windows. Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, but it wasn't very warm, it was a typical autumn day, and I wanted nothing less. 
We drove around for about 15 minutes until the driver finally told me that we would be making our way to the church. Apparently, the soon-to-be-princess had to arrive fashionably late. Not long before we arrived at the church I was able to see lots and lots of people waiting for my arrival. 
"The princess is arriving right now" I heard a reporter say as two men opened the door to the car. One of them held our his hand to help me out, and I happily grabbed it. The man helped me out of the car, then Charlie came over to me and fixed my dress. 
Screams were heard around me. I quickly looked around and saw all the people waiting for me. I lightly waved at them as a big smile formed on my lips. I slowly started making my way over to the church, with Charlie following behind me. People around my started bowing as I made my way up there, I just smiled at them and continued to walk. Suddenly the bells started ringing which made me jump a little, and my heart started beating faster, but probably not because of that, but because I would soon me married to the love of my life. A woman handed me the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen, and I thanked her. Dad came out to me and greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. Then he intertwined our arms and smiled at me. 
"Are you ready?" the lady asked me, I gently nodded my head, then she pressed a button and told the organist it was time to play, and just as he started to play, the doors opened, and dad and I started walking down the aisle. behind me Charlie would be walking with Justin's best friend, Ryan, then they would be followed by Jazmyn and Jaxon, and further down our little cousins would be walking. It was beautiful. 
My eyes immediately caught Justin's and slowly I started tearing up. This was really happening! 
Justin was wearing the traditional wedding gown of his family. He looked really handsome, I didn't think it was possible to even look that handsome, but Justin definitely proved me wrong! 

Justin smiled widely as I came closer to him, and when I finally was close enough, I could see he had a tear running down his cheek. He was truly amazing, and a real man, because a real man is able to cry. 
We finally made it to the end of the aisle. Dad lightly pecked my cheek, then he put my hand on top of Justin's. Justin gently placed his lips on my hand, he looked directly into my eyes, then he winked and pulled away. 
"You look bloody breathtaking," Justin told me, then we turned towards the priest. 

The whole ceremony went by in a bliss, and I wasn't nervous at all! Okay maybe a little, but it was like I forgot about it as I was close to Justin. 
Currently, Justin and I were on our way out of the church. Outside people started cheering, which made me smile even wider than I already did. Justin squeezed my hand harder and started waving at the people. I myself started to wave, too, but it was really hard when I had my bouquet in that hand as well, so I ended up throwing the bouquet towards a group of girls, they all tried to catch it, but of course only one ended up catching it. I winked at her, then I turned towards Justin and smiled at him. 
Suddenly people started yelled "KISS" over and over again, which made me blush insanely. Justin just chuckled, then he stood in front of me and cupped my face in his hands. He gently pulled me closer, then he placed his lips on mine, and slowly we started making out, our first real kiss as husband and wife! 
"That was an amazing kiss, princess" Justin mumbled against my lips. I bit down on my lip and smiled. 
"Am I really a princess, is this actually reality?" I asked him. It was all so surreal, I never in a million years thought that I would ever be lucky enough to actually become a princess, but turns out I actually was lucky enough. 
"You really are a princess, and I'm really your husband," Justin told me, then he kissed me again. "I hope you're ready for tonight because I soon won't be able to keep my hands off your stunning body!" Justin growled in my neck, then he placed a gentle peck on it. I gasped. I pulled Justin away, then we got inside the car that was parked right in front of us. The car was going to drive us to the Buckingham Palace even though it was only on the other side of the street.   
"Thank you" I mumbled to Justin as I placed my head on his shoulder. Justin wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer. 
"For what?" he asked me, then he placed a peck on my forehead. 
"Just thank you," I told him, "Thank you for being you and for making me this happy, thank you for making me feel whole and again just thank you for being you," I told him. Justin grabbed my face and looked my into my eyes once again. 
"Thank you for making me all those things! Before you I never thought I would be able to find the love of my life, I never believed in love at first sight, but when I laid eyes on you, I just knew that I had to have you in my life!" he told me. A small tear ran down my cheek, and Justin was quick to dry it away. 
"Can I ask you a weird question?" I then asked him completely out of nowhere, "It has nothing to do with what we just talked about, but it's something that I have been thinking a lot about" I told him. Justin squeezed my hand and nodded his head.
"Do you wanna have kids?" I asked him lowly. I was looking down at my dress to avoid eye contact, but Justin immediately made me look at him. 
"Why would you even ask me that?" Justin asked me, but before I could answer him, he continued. 
"Of course I want kids! I know you've always wanted kids, and I've always wanted to kids, and if it was up to me I would have all the kids in the whole world, but I'm not you, I'm not the one who has to give birth, so I'll settle with the number of kids you would like" Justin told me. I smiled widely, then I kissed him passionately. 
"I love you so much," I told him. My life was truly perfect! I had the world's best husband and the world's best family and friends surrounding me, now Justin and I only needed kids, and a whole bunch of them, apparently! 
14 months later Justin and I got our first child, little Arabella Pattie Bieber. We wanted to bring Pattie's name further into the family, and when she heard it she was in tears. 
We had had some trouble conceiving the first few months, but after 5 months it finally happened, and Justin and I were the happiest we had ever been! 
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