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78. Part 2 of @bessmacouchama's imagine!

Part 2 of @Bessmabouchama ‘s imagine
I have now been living with Justin for about 3 week, and to be honest I love it!
I have talked to my adopted parents about wanting time to think, which they gave me permission to do. So I am still living at Justin’s, but I had been home to get some clothes and some of my stuff, and by the way ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ love Justin, so that’s a good thing. And even though they’re not my real parents, I still love them, and I want them to be in my life forever, I just needed some time to think everything through.
Today Justin and I were going to look for my real mom again, we had been looking for a week or so, but he finally gotten a clue, so he and I were going to New York today. That was also why I had just finished getting ready. I was wearing a pair of black, ripped jeans, a button-up shirt with a striped shirt over it, and my adidas shoes in black and white. My hair was curled, and my makeup was the normal, dark makeup. I ran downstairs as I sang along to the song in the radio, in Justin’s house there is this big stereo system all over the house, so you were able to hear the music all over the house.
“Know you say you’re down with it, won’t tell them how you hit the ground with it. Girl you know I’m from Chicago, I like the full Bobby Brown with it, nobody take me out though, your gifts bring them down the south pole” I sang as I danced into the kitchen, I had grown pretty close with Justin the last few weeks, so dancing sexily in front of him was no problem, Justin thought, but I didn’t! ;)
“Good morning, you’re in a good mood today?” Justin said as approached me in a hug.
“I am, hopefully I will get to meet my real mom today” I told him, and then I pulled away from him and sat on the counter.
“I hope you’re hungry, because I may probably have made 30 pancakes or something” Justin chuckled; I chuckled too and nodded my head as I looked at the stack of pancakes.
“Well good thing Esther is here” I told him as I giggled, then I jumped down from the counter and tried to find Esther, but she was nowhere to be found.
“Where’s Esther?” I asked Justin as I took one of the pancakes; Justin gasped and took a bite of the pancake.
“She’s outside, she had pooped inside, and I don’t want her to do that!” Justin said as he still had his mouth stuffed with pancake. I shook my head and stuffed the last piece of pancake into Justin’s mouth, then I went into the living room and over to the door out to the garden.
“Aww sweetie, your daddy isn’t sweet at all,” I cooed as I picked up Esther. Esther quietly barked and wagged her tail.   
“I am sweet” Justin said, I gasped and screamed a little he scared me!
“No you’re not! Esther is only a puppy, she still has a lot of things to learn,” I told him as I pouted, Justin chuckled, then he grabbed Esther from me, and Esther started licking Justin all over his face.
“You’re daddy’s dog, right?” Justin asked her as she continued to lick his face. Then Justin placed Esther on the floor and picked me up, I screamed and hurried to wrap my arms around Justin’s neck.
“Justin, set me down!” I screamed as I tried to get down, Justin laughed and shook his head.
“No, never!” he laughed as he started twirling around, I closed my eyes and squeezed him tight, and then finally Justin placed me on the ground. My head was spinning, and I was feeling a little bit nausea.
“I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to make you feel sick” Justin said as he grabbed my hand, I gently shook my head and closed my eyes.
“It’s okay Justin, I just need to sit down” I told him, Justin nodded his head, then he picked me up and ran into the dining room, he placed me on a chair and handed me a glass of juice.
“Thanks” I quietly said, and then I downed the whole glass.

After breakfast I was luckily feeling better, so Justin and I left the house and drove to the airport. It was easier for us to take his plane than to drive the long way from LA to New York.
After an hour in the plane we arrived in New York. Hugo, Justin’s bodyguard was with us, and he would be driving us around.
I found my phone and unlocked it, then I went into the email I had gotten from my lawyer, he knew who my mom was, and now that I was over 18 I could look for her legally.
“If you drive to Park Avenue, then we’ll walk to her office” I told Hugo, Hugo smiled and nodded his head, and then he turned on the engine and drove off.
I looked over at Justin and smiled, Justin smiled too, then he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.
“How are you feeling?” he asked me as he moved my hand up to his mouth.
“Good, I’m just nervous” Justin nodded his head, and then he kissed my hand and held it tight.
“I understand, this must be really exciting for you” he smiled, I nodded my head, then I looked out of the window and sighed.
“What if she doesn’t want to see me?” I asked him, Justin sighed and squeezed my hand.
“She will! Don’t worry, your mom’s gonna love you” he smiled, I nodded my head, then I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes.
“Y/N we’re here” I heard Justin whisper in my ear, I groaned and opened my eyes slowly.
“What?” I asked him as I gently rubbed my eyes.
“We’re here” he said, I smacked my lips and nodded my head, then I grabbed my beanie and my leatherjacket and got out of the car. I took on the jacket and then my beanie.
I sighed as I looked at the big building, then suddenly I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist.
“Are you ready?” Justin asked me, I nodded my head, then we crossed the road and went inside the big building.
“Hello, how may I help you?” a woman asked us as we made our way inside.
“I’m looking for Y/M/N” I told her, the woman nodded her head and smiled.
“And your name is?” she asked me.
“Y/N” I told her, the woman smiled and turned around.
“Follow me, luckily Mrs. Y/L/N isn’t in a meeting right now,” the woman said, I furrowed my eyebrows and looked closely at her.
“Misses? Is she married?” I asked the woman, then woman nodded her head and smiled.
“Yeah, she’s married on 15th year” she explained, I nodded my head and smiled widely.
Maybe she was married with my real dad?
We finally came to a stop, and the woman knocked on the door.
“Yeah?” someone said, the woman opened the door and lead us inside.
“Mrs. Y/L/N, there are two young people that wants to talk to you” the woman said, the chair turned around and relieved my mom, my real mom!
“Thank you Margret, I’ll take it from here” she said, she smiled warmly, and I somehow knew that smile? Margret left and then Y/M/N made us sit down.
“So, what can I do for you?” she asked, I took a deep breath and looked at Justin.
“My name is Y/N” I quietly told her, Y/M/N gave a little kick, but eventually nodded her head.
“I recently turned 18, and that was when my adopted parents told me I was adopted” I continued, Y/M/N smiled widely and nodded her head.
“And now I have been looking for her for a while, but I think I have found her now, maybe you can confirm that?” I asked her,
“Her name is Y/M/F/N and she is a very successful woman today” I said,
“OMG” Y/M/N mumbled, then she stood up and walked over to me.
“Are you my mom?” I asked her as I stood up, Y/M/N nodded her head and a tear ran down her cheek.
“I am,” she said, and then she pulled me in for a loving hug, a hug that I had been missing my whole life!

Justin and I spent the whole day with my real mom; she even took us to her house, where she lived with her husband – my real dad – and my siblings. They were all very excited to meet me, and they were all so sweet!
Now Justin and I were on our way home to his house, we had just gotten out of the plane.
“I can’t believe this” I mumbled to myself for the 10th time!
“How are you feeling?” Justin asked me as he intertwined our fingers. I smiled widely and squeezed his hand.
“I’m perfect, thanks to you” I told him, Justin smiled widely, then he leaned down and placed his lips on top of mine.
“I know we have only known each other for a few weeks, but I just feel this connection between us, so would you please go on a date with me?” Justin asked as he intertwined both our hands.
“There is nothing in this world I want to do more!” I told him, then I kissed his lips again.
Today I’m seeing both seeing my real parents and my adopted parents, and to be honest they all have this connection, so that’s amazing! Oh and Justin and I are officially a couple! So I couldn’t be happier!  


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- Amalie xo

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