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96. Imagine to @Savannah.Doherty!

Imagine to @Savannah.doherty
“Come on Felicity, we need to go wake up daddy” I told my little daughter Felicity. Felicity smiled widely and nodded her head. Then she crawled off my lap and started running upstairs.
“No running on the stairs” I quickly told her as I tried to catch her before she would fall.
The reason why Felicity and I were downstairs was because Felicity thought it would be fun to wake me at 5am, because she was hungry. Of course I couldn’t blame her, it was just the fact that Justin and I fell asleep at 2.30am because we had some unfinished business to do ;)
I grabbed Felicity’s hand and walked up the rest of the stairs. As we made it to the last step Felicity let go off my hand and ran into Justin and I’s bedroom.
I always imagined Justin and I’s kids would look like Justin, but Felicity looked exactly like me. She had big, blue eyes and blonde hair, but she had Justin’s nose and lips, so you could kinda say she was a mixture of both of us?
“DADDY WAKE UP!” Felicity yelled into Justin’s ear. Justin was quick to sit up and looked around as he made a face because his ear was hurting.
“Felicity why would you do that?” Justin asked Felicity as he grabbed her and placed her on his lap. Felicity smiled and showed Justin her beautiful teeth’s.
“Daddy, mommy and I made breakfast, but you wake to put on some clothes before you come downstairs” Felicity said, then she got off his lap and went downstairs.
I chuckled and crawled into bed with Justin.
“Good morning handsome” I said as I got onto his lap. Justin smirked and placed his hands on my butt.
“Good morning sexy” he smirked, and then he pulled me closer and kissed my lips.
“I was wondering if you would like to go to the beach today? The weather is amazing, and we’ve kinda always avoided the beach, but I think Felicity is old enough to go there” I asked Justin, Justin smiled and nodded his head.
“I’m on, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in a bikini” he smirked. I rolled my eyes, kissed his lips, and then I got off him. I went downstairs and found Felicity sitting at the table waiting for us to come.
“Felicity, daddy and I have something we would like to talk to you about” I told her as I sat down beside her, and soon after Justin sat down on the opposite side.
“Okay?” she asked as she took a bite of her pancake.
“Would you like to go to the beach today?” Justin asked her as he grabbed my hand over the table. Felicity opened her mouth wide and nodded her head really fast.
“Yeah, please” she said as she looked at both of us with a huge smile on her face.
“Okay, then we better hurry” Justin told her as he grabbed a pancake and took all of it into his mouth.
“Daddy!” Felicity laughed, and then she did the same, or almost… Of course the pancake couldn’t fit in her mouth, so she took a few bites then.

After we ate breakfast, we all went upstairs and got ready. While I was showering, Justin helped Felicity find a bathing suit. They ended up finding this really cute, pink bathing suit with a little skirt.
I myself found a simple, black bikini, and a floral, short jumpsuit to wear over the bikini.
I let my hair dry on it’s own, and I only wore a little bit of waterproof mascara.
Justin decided to wear a pair of orange and white swimming trunks and a white top to wear on our way to the beach.
I made sure Felicity had on sunscreen and also Justin. After that Justin applied some sunscreen on me, and then we were good to go.  

30 minutes later we arrived at the beach nearby. I placed some towels in the sand and sat down. Before I even knew it, Justin had taken Felicity down to the water. I chuckled as I saw Felicity holding Justin tight as he walked further into the water. I stood up again and took off my jumpsuit. Then I ran into the water with them.
“Mommy, Daddy wants to throw me in the water!” Felicity squealed as she looked at me. I chuckled and swam over to them, but before I could come over to them, Justin dived with Felicity. I started freaking out, because Felicity didn’t hold her breath. But a few seconds later both of them showed up and started laughing.
“It’s not funny! I thought you were drowning Felicity!” I told them, Justin and felicity stopped laughing at looked at me.
“I’m sorry Mommy! Daddy learned me how to dive back home in the pool, when you weren’t home” Felicity explained, I nodded my head and gave both of them a smile.
“Now come on, let’s get up and build a sandcastle,” I told them, both Justin and Felicity nodded their heads, and then we all went up on land again.
I actually didn’t want to build a sandcastle; I actually just wanted to tan, so I let Justin and Felicity build the sandcastle.
I laid down on my towel and closed my eyes. But 5 minutes later or so I got picked up. I started screaming and opened my eyes, only to see Justin with a smirk playing on his lips. I groaned and tried to get down from his arms as we walked closer and closer to the water.
Suddenly Justin let go off me and I got down under water.
I wanted payback, so I pretended to flow up to the surface on my stomach and keep my head in the water so it looked like I had drowned.
And it wasn’t long until Justin picked me up and ran up to our spot to lay me down. Justin was about to do the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but before he could, I opened my eyes and started laughing.
Justin scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“I thought you drowned!” he said between gritted teeth’s.
“Now you know the feeling” I told with a smirk. Justin didn’t say anything. So I sat up and pecked his pouting lips.
“I love you,” I told him, but before Justin could say it back, Felicity grabbed Justin’s arm.
“Daddy come on, we need to build the sandcastle,” she said as she pouted. Justin nodded his head and got up.
“I love you,” he yelled as he got dragged away.

A few hours later Felicity fell sleep on her towel. We decided to let her sleep and just enjoy the rest of the day. Justin was sitting beside Felicity, when I decided to get up to dip myself in the water. So after I had done it, I ran back to him to stand in front of him as a small boat sailed past us.
Apparently Justin didn’t see it, he was too busy looking at my ass and taking pictures of it.
“Look baby, you look amazing!” Justin said as he showed me the picture or me. I chuckled and shook my head.
“You’re crazy!” I told him as I bit down in my lip. Justin chuckled and nodded his head.
“I know, but I’m your crazy” he said. I nodded my head and pecked his lips.
“I’m going to post this picture of Instagram” he said. I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
“Whatever you say,” I told him, and then I sat down beside him and looked at his phone.
“Look at this view!  And it’s only my view ;) “ He wrote as the caption. I sarcastically chuckled and shook my head.
“You’re unbelievable,” I told him as I smiled. Justin smiled, too and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
“Today has been an amazing day,” Justin said as he looked down at me. I nodded my head and happily sighed.
“Yeah, and we should thank your beliebers for that” I told him. The whole day only a few beliebers came over to Justin to take a picture with him, and luckily they respected that he wanted privacy.
“Yeah, they’re amazing” he said as he looked at the water. I nodded my head and placed it on his shoulders.
“Should we pack up and go home? I’m getting hungry” I asked Justin. Justin nodded his head and stood up. He helped me up and carefully handed me my sleeping Felicity. I held her until Justin had packed our stuff, and then I handed her to him, so that I could get my jumpsuit on.
Then I took her again, and we went back home.


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