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83. Imagine to @Jmacbelieberfan!

Imagine to @jmacbelieberfan
Today was the day, today Justin and I had been married for a whole year, a whole year! That was also the reason why I had taken the day off from work to spend the day with Justin. But as I woke up Justin wasn’t by my side? I sighed, I knew he had went to the studio once again, and he had probably also forgotten our anniversary. I got out of bed and went into Justin and I’s walk-in closet, but the clothes I wanted to wear today weren’t there. I furrowed my eyebrows as I noticed a lot of my clothes had disappeared, but I just shrug it off, it was probably just getting washed. So instead I found a simple black dress, a pair of see-through black tights and a beautiful floral kimono. Then I went out to the shower and got undressed. I got into the shower and washed myself, and then after I finished I wrapped a towel around my body and my hair and dried myself. As I finished getting dressed and straightening my hair, I just did my makeup, but also some of my makeup was gone? I sighed and went out of the bathroom, but something was different about Justin and I’s bedroom, normally we would never make the bed, unless someone would be visiting us, and I sure know that I didn’t make the bed before I went into the bathroom to shower. I went over to the bed and noticed a note lying on my pillow. I picked it up and opened it.
“Hey baby! Happy one-year anniversary! You probably wonder where I am, but don’t worry, I will see you soon… But until then I need you to follow this note. So you probably also wonder why some of your stuff is gone, like your clothes, your makeup, your shoes and so on, but you don’t have to worry about that either. What I need you to worry about is that you need to eat and get ready before 10am, because Hugo will pick you up, and you’ll need to be very strict, because we have a program to follow. Anyways, I love you baby, and I’ll see you soon:*” The note said, I smiled widely and folded the note again, then I found my phone and checked the time. 9.45am!
“Shit!” I mumbled to myself, and then I grabbed my bag and my phone and ran downstairs.
I was about to grab a granola bar, when someone suddenly poked my shoulder. I turned around and got met by Pattie.
“Hey Sweetie!” she smiled, she pulled me in for a hug, then she pulled away and grabbed my hand.
“I promised Justin, you would get something good for breakfast, so come on” Pattie smiled, then she dragged me into Justin and I’s dining room. Pattie made me sit in one of the chairs, then she went away, but a minute later she was back with a plate full of scramble eggs and bacon.
“Thank you Pattie” I smiled, and then I started eating. As I finished eating there was a knock on the door. Pattie smiled widely, then she grabbed my plate and hugged me goodbye.
“Wait, you’re not going with me?” I asked her, Pattie smiled widely and shook her head.
“Nah, this is only an experience Justin and you will be able to enjoy” she smirked, then she walked away, and I stood up and grabbed my bag. I made it to the hall and pulled on my white, low converse, luckily it wasn’t that cold outside so I didn’t need my jacket, which had also disappeared!
“Hey Hugo” I smiled as I greeted Hugo, Hugo smiled too, then he opened the car door for me, and I got in.
“Will you please tell me, where we’re going?” I asked Hugo as he turned on the car. Hugo smiled and shook his head, then he pressed on the speeder and drove off. 
I think we were driving for about half an hour or so, when we reached our destination at a very special place, you see Justin and I had our first date at this ice café. I awed as I got out of the car. Hugo followed me inside the café, and immediately all the workers came over to me and made me sit in the chair I was sitting in at our first date. One of the workers handed me an ice chocolate, which is the thing I got on our first date! I really couldn’t believe Justin would ever remember all of this.
“Mrs. Bieber we got you a note from Mr. Bieber” a sweet girl said, I thanked her as I grabbed the note.
“Do you like the ice chocolate baby? I really hope you do, because there will be a lot more of them, where we’re going ;) When you finish Hugo will take you to the next and final place! I love you, and I’ll see you later” I read, I smiled widely, and then I made the workers sit down with me as I drank my ice chocolate.
“You really have the sweetest husband” a girl said, I looked at her as I took a sip of the ice chocolate.
“Thank you, I do,” I told her, and then I continued to talk to the workers until I finished my drink.
“Thank you so much for the delicious ice chocolate” I told them as I stood up, all of them got up too as they smiled widely.
“You’re welcome Mrs. Bieber, and happy anniversary” one of them smiled, I thanked him, then I left the ice café.

An hour later Hugo and I arrived at the LAX airport. I furrowed my eyebrows as I grabbed my bag and opened the door to the car.
“Hugo, why are we at the airport?” I asked Hugo, but Hugo kept quiet as he smiled.
“Okay?” I mumbled to myself, then we made our way inside.
“Hello Mrs. Bieber and welcome to LAX airport, I’m Christine, and I will be making sure you get to your destination safely” A stewardess said behind me. I turned around and smiled at her.
“Hey, please call me Y/N” I told her; Christine nodded her head and smiled widely.
“Of course Y/N” she smiled, I chuckled and nodded my head, then I followed behind Christine. But as we reached a gate, I noticed Justin was standing there, so I quickly ran over to him and jumped into his arms.
“Hey baby” he chuckled as he wrapped my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hid my waist in his neck.
“You’re so sweet” I mumbled into Justin’s neck. I pulled away from Justin’s neck, but I stayed in his arms.
“Why all of this? I just wanted to spend the day with you?” I asked him as I smiled widely. Justin shrugged his shoulders as he smirked.
“I just want to make sure you feel special, because you’re special to me” he told me, I awed, then I placed my lips on top of his, but I pulled away as I heard the sound of a camera. I looked around and noticed Hugo was taking pictures of us.
“Thanks man” Justin told him, Hugo nodded his head and gave Justin his phone back. Then Justin placed me on the ground and grabbed my hand.
“Are you ready Mrs. Bieber?” he asked me, and I nodded my head.
“I am, but where are we going?” I asked him as I followed behind him. Christine walked behind us, and Justin kept his mouth closed.
“You’ll find out, when we get there” Justin smiled, then we made our way into Justin’s private jet and sat down in two chairs beside each other.
“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, I will be your pilot today on this special trip, I hope you will enjoy it” A pilot said over the speakers, I groaned, when the pilot didn’t say, where we were going.
“Justin! You know I don’t like surprises” I whined as I rested my head on Justin’s shoulder.
“Oh, don’t worry you’ll like this one” he smirked, and then Christine came over to us with two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Justin grabbed the glasses and handed them to me, then he grabbed the champagne and told Christine thank you. Christine nodded her head, and then she left.
Justin then stood up and opened the champagne; luckily the champagne didn’t flow out of the bottle! I reached the glasses out for Justin to fill them, and then afterwards he sat down and said cheers with me.
“May we have a happy and long relationship, and may only dead separate us from each other” Justin said, I nodded my head in agreement, and then we both said cheers, and then plane took off to wherever we would be going.             


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