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162. Imagine to @Beautifulheartbeats!

Imagine to @Beautifulheartbeats
I woke up to Justin hurrying out of bed. I confusingly sat up and opened my eyes only to realize that he had run to the bathroom to throw up. 
I took in a deep breath, then I got out of bed and went out to the bathroom to comfort him. 
I gently rubbed Justin’s back as he kept throwing up.  
“Aww baby” I cooed as Justin finally stopped throwing up.
Justin groaned and sat down against the wall. I sat down beside him and grabbed his hand. 
“Are you feeling better?” I asked him, Justin shook his head and placed his head on my boobs. 
“I don’t understand this, I felt fine last night,” he told me. I pouted and started to gently run my fingers through his thick hair. 
“Should I call Scooter and tell him to cancel the show tonight?” I asked him, Justin immediately moved away from my chest and looked at me with wide eyes. 
“No!” he said, I furrowed my eyebrows and grabbed his hands. 
“But you’re clearly not feeling well Justin,” I told him, Justin let go of my hands, then he shakingly stood up and went over to the sink. 
“I just need a shower, then I’ll be alright,” he told me. I sighed and stood up. 
“Whatever you say,” I told him, then I went out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me. 
I went over to Justin’s night stand and grabbed his phone to check the time, 7.08 am it read. I locked his phone again, then I went downstairs and made myself a cup of coffee. 
A few minutes later I went upstairs again and sat down on the bed. I unplugged my phone from the charger and unlocked it, then I started looking through Justin and I’s schedule for today. 
Justin was performing at the Jingle Bell Ball tonight, and it was a night he had been looking forward to, so I could kinda understand why he didn’t want me to cancel his performance. 
I took a sip of my coffee, then I stood up and threw my phone on the bed. 
Since the shower was still running I decided to find an outfit for today. 
I went into Justin and I’s walk-in closet and found a loose, black dress with sleeves of lace. It was a very beautiful dress that I had bought a few weeks ago to wear on a date with Justin, but we both felt like staying at home, so we did instead, but now I got the opportunity to wear it. 
I found a pair of see-through tights to go with, and a pair of white, low converse to complete the look. 
I wanted to look good, but not overdressed.

I went into the bedroom, and when I didn’t hear the shower anymore I just went out to the bathroom only to see Justin sitting on all four in front of the toilet, once again. 
“Are you sure you don’t want me to cancel tonight?” I asked him, Justin nodded his head and stood up again. 
“Yeah, I can’t let them down” he mumbled, I sighed and wrapped my arms around him from behind. 
“Can we, at least, go into the bedroom and lay down until it’s almost time to leave?” I asked him, Justin smiled and looked at me through the mirror. 
“Okay,” he told me, I smiled widely and pecked his bare back, then I let go of him and went into the bedroom. 
I laid down and soon after Justin joined me – he just had to put on some boxers instead of just wearing a towel, even though I wouldn’t have complained… 
Justin laid down beside me, then I wrapped my arms around him and made him lay his head on my boobs. 
Justin sighed and nuzzled his head further into my chest and grabbed my shirt – well his shirt - tightly. 
“Do you need anything?” I asked him as I ran my fingers through his hair. Justin shook his head and closed his eyes and soon after I heard quiet snores leaving his mouth. 
I happily sighed and bit down in my lip, then I grabbed my phone and took a picture of us. 
The pictures actually turned out pretty well, so I decided to post the picture on Instagram with the caption “He’s really trying”. People could think whatever they wanted as long as they didn’t jump into conclusions. 
I placed my phone on the nightstand, then I closed my eyes and fell asleep myself. 
Around 4 pm Justin and I woke up again, well I had been awake for a long time, but Justin woke up around 4 pm. 
“How are you feeling?” I asked him, Justin groaned and rubbed his eyes. 
“Not better,” he told me, then he turned around and crawled out of bed. 
He went into our walk-in closet probably to find an outfit for his performance tonight. 
I crawled out of bed myself and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and took off my clothes, then I went into the shower to clean myself. 
A few minutes later Justin came out to me fully dressed in a pair of black jeans and a big, white sweatshirt. 
He lightly smiled at me, then he went over to the sink and brushed his teeth. 
I rinsed out the shampoo, then I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around myself. 
I got out of the shower, then I went over to Justin and looked at him. 
“I haven’t gotten a kiss from you all day,” I told him as I pouted, Justin smiled as he kept brushing his teeth. 
“Well, I didn’t think you wanted a kiss right after I have thrown up” he told me with a slight smirk playing on his lips, I rolled my eyes and chuckled, then before I could walk away Justin grabbed me and placed his lips on top of mine, but to my surprise he still had the toothpaste in his mouth, which made me pull away from him after only a few seconds of kissing him. 
I spit the toothpaste into the sink and my a disgusted face. 
“You’re so gross,” I told Justin, Justin just chuckled and spit the toothpaste he had left out in the sink. 
“But you still love me” he told me, I nodded my head and wrapped my towel around my hair instead of having it wrapped around my body, so now I was standing in front of Justin completely naked, but I had nothing to be ashamed off, even though I had never been one of those skinny girls. 
“Well, now I’m definitely feeling better,” Justin said, then he bit down in his lip and scanned my body. 
I rolled my eyes, then I went out of the bathroom and into the walk-in closet. 
I grabbed a pair of panties with a matching bra, and then I got dressed. 
An hour later Justin and I stood backstage at the Jingle Bell Ball, Justin was really nervous, and his face was white like a ghost, but when I asked him if he was okay he just nodded his head and rolled his eyes. 
He hadn’t eaten all day, which concerned me because normally Justin had a really big appetite and everyone around me would agree. 
It was finally Justin’s turn to perform, so he quickly pecked my lips and went out on stage with Dan to sing “love yourself” as the first song. 
I stood at the line between the stage and backstage to make sure Justin would be okay. 
The first few songs went alright, but throughout “Sorry” Justin’s face turned, even more, white – if that was even possible?! And soon after he was laying on the floor without moving. 
“JUSTIN!” I yelled, then I ran on stage and over to him. 
I got down on all four and grabbed his face, but his was unconscious! Scooter and Nick were quick to come over to me, then both tried to wake up Justin, but they just couldn’t get in contact with him. 
“Y/N, call an ambulance” Scooter told me, but as he did, Justin opened his eyes and groaned. 
I threw my phone on the ground, then I sat down behind him and placed his head in my lap. 
“Justin, can you hear me?” I asked him shakingly. Justin furrowed his eyebrows and tried to answer me, but his mouth was too dry, so I asked Nick to get him a water, which he did. 
“How are you feeling?” I asked him, 
“I don’t know” he honestly told me, but soon after he was trying to get up from the floor, so Scooter helped him and held him as I got up myself. 
We walked backstage and made Justin sit on the couch. 
“Justin, next time you’re feeling bad, you better let me call Scooter and tell him to cancel your show because this is not healthy!” I told him, Justin nodded his head and took a big sip of the water. 
“Yeah, but I’m feeling okay now, I just think I need to sleep” Justin told me, I nodded my head, then I went over to the producer and told him what had happened to Justin, and that we were going home, because he still didn’t feel quite alright, which he of course understood. 
So Justin and I went home, and after this accident, Justin never performed while he was sick again.  


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