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19. Badass Justin!

Imagine for @iz_kxx (Justin is not famous in this one)
“Bye sweetie, I’ll pick you up after school, have a great first day of school” My mom smiled as she parked outside my new school. I rolled my eyes and then slammed the car door shut. I sighed and looked at the school.
“Welcome to hell” I quietly whispered to myself, and then I made my way inside. Everyone turned their attention towards me; at least that was what it felt like.
“Uhm, could you please tell me where the principals office is?” I asked a girl with long blond hair.
“No, why would I help someone like you?” she asked and looked at me in disgust.
“I can help you” someone told me from behind. I turned around and smiled at the girl. She had a brown hair and brown eyes and she looked really sweet.
“Thank you?” I said as I tried to get her name out of her.
“Oh, Demi” she smiled and shook my hand,
“Thank you Demi” I smiled, I gently touched my nose piercing and then followed her to the principal’s office.
“What’s your name?” the girl asked as we sat down in the chair outside the office.
“My name is Y/N,” I told her. Suddenly the door into the office opened and a really hot boy walked out. He noticed me looking at winked at me; I winked back and then stood up. I’m not a shy person, so I do whatever I want to! He actually looked pretty familiar?   
“Don’t go near him, his name is Justin and he is a real badass, he does whatever he wants” Demi explained/whispered in my ear. That’s why I thought I could recognize him, we went to kindergarten together!  
“Then he’s just like me,” I whispered back as I smirked, Demi looked at me with wide eyes as I walked into the principal’s office.
“You must be Y/N?” the old principal asked as he shook my hand, I nodded my head and sat down.


After talking with the principal for five minutes, he gave me my books and schedule and then I could leave. I sighed as I walked out of the door; I noticed that the Justin dude was still sitting in one of the chairs.
“Where is that Demi girl?” I asked him like I had known him since forever.
“I told her she could leave and that I would show you around” Justin smirked, he winked and then he stood up from his seat. “Okay, but can we go out and smoke first, I really need a cigarette” I told him, his eyes got wide, but eventually he started smirking,
“I see, you’re a badass” he smirked,
“Should you care?” I asked him, and then I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room. I walked outside and lighted a cigarette and took a long drag. I sat down on one of the benches and blew out the smoke. Justin sat down beside me and took the cigarette from my hand,
“Hey, that’s mine!” I told him as I watched him take a drag.
“Yeah, well now it’s mine too” he smirked and then he took a drag more before handing it back to me.
“So, tell me about yourself” Justin smirked as he turned to look at me,
“What do you wanna know?” I asked him as I blew some smoke into his head.
“Your name, hobby’s etc.” he smirked,
“Okay, well my name is Y/N, I’m 17 years old and I just like to hang out with my friends, but that’s kinda hard now since I moved back to Stratford with my mom” I told him, but he didn’t seem to notice me saying that we moved back, so I just adjusted my black beanie and then handed the cigarette back to Justin.   
“What about you?” I asked him as I looked at him,
“Well, my name is Justin Bieber, I’m 18 years old, I live with my mom, I have been living in Stratford all my life” he casually said as he took the last drag of the cigarette, then he threw it onto the ground.




After school finished that day, Justin stood in front of my locker with his arms crossed, just waiting for me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him as I opened my locker,
“I have something to show you” he smirked, and then he closed my locker and grabbed my hand. He dragged me with him over to a white Ferrari, a 458 Italia model to be exact. He opened the door for me like a real gentleman, and then he walked over to his side and got in.
“OMG, did you see that? Justin opened the door for that new girl!” A girl asked the bitchy blonde haired girl. I couldn’t help but laugh of her pathetic attitude.
“Does that girl have a thing for you?” I asked Justin as he drove off.
“She’s my ex, she’s the worlds biggest bitch” Justin laughed, then as I was about to say something, my phone started ringing, so I quickly found it and accepted the call.
“Sweetie, where are you?” mom asked as I picked up my phone.
“Oh, I’m with this guy, don’t worry mom” I told her as I smiled. Even though my mom can be a pain in the ass, I still love her and I care about her.
“Okay, when will you be home?” she asked,
“I don’t know, I will text you, okay?” I told her,
“Yeah, bye sweetie, I love you” she told me,
“I love you too mom” I told her, and then I ended the call and locked my phone.
“Was that your mom?” Justin asked, as he smiled, whoa, not a smirk?
“Yeah, she was actually going to pick me up” I told him, and then I opened the window and enjoyed the fresh air.
“Where are we going?” I asked Justin as I closed the window again, I turned my attention towards him as I adjusted my Ray Ban sunglasses, Justin smirked and drove even faster,
“We’re going to my place, I’m having a meeting with my gang, so I thought I would introduce you” he explained, he got over the speed limit, I enjoyed the feeling of the adrenalin rushing through my body.
“Do you want me to be a part of your gang?” I asked him as I smirked,
“We could use a beautiful girl like you” Justin said as he parked the car in his driveway, or at least that’s what I guess it is?
Justin got out of the car and quickly ran over to my side and opened the door for me,
“Such a gentleman” I smirked as I got out,
“Only for the girls that I like” he smirked, his words got me blushing, so I quickly looked down and followed him inside his house. We walked directly into the living room and got greeted by 4 guys and 2 girls.
“Hey everyone, this is Y/N, she’s new in town, but she’s one of us, so be nice to her!” Justin told everyone, they all smiled at me and stood up from their seats.
“Y/N, this is Ryan, Chaz, Nolan and Christian” Justin said as he pointed at each of the boys, “And this is Caitlin and you already know Demi” Justin smirked,
“You’re a part of his gang?” I asked Demi as she smiled at me,
“Yeah, I am” she smiled,
“Then why would you want me to stay away from Justin?” I asked her,
“Justin asked me to say that, we could all guess you were a badass from when you got out of that car this morning” she explained, I nodded my head and looked at Justin.
“Are you in? Do you wanna join our gang?” Justin asked as he sat down and pulled me down on top of him,
“Yeah, it’ll be cool” I told him, then I leaned back, so my back was against his chest.



Caitlin and Demi pulled me away from the guys after an hour of just fooling around with each other.
“Justin really likes you” Caitlin smirked as she sat down on the floor.
“Nah, I just think he’s trying to be a good friend” I told her as I sat down beside her.
“No, you can easily tell by the way he looks at you, that he likes you” Demi said as she also sat down, I shook my head and playfully rolled my eyes. I have to say that Justin is really hot, so I wouldn’t mind being his girlfriend.
“Y/N could I maybe talk to you, under four eyes?” Justin asked as he walked over to me. I nodded my head and got up from the floor. Justin grabbed my hand and Caitlin and Demi smirked at me, I shook my head and followed Justin outside.
“Listen, Y/N I really like you! I know it’s too soon to tell you since we’ve only known each other for a day, but I feel like I’ve known you all my life!” Justin explained, I smiled and started blushing,
“I really like you too Justin!” I told him, “And maybe we have known each other all life, because I’ve been living in Stratford before” I told him, Justin furrowed his eyebrows and then his eyes got wide.
“We went to kindergarten together” he smiled; I nodded my head and looked down in the ground.
“Well, then your won’t mind if I do this” Justin said, then he grabbed my jaw and kissed my lips. I smiled in the kiss and added some tongue. Then we pulled away and I dried some saliva off my lips.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Justin asked as he looked down into my eyes. I nodded my head and stood on my tiptoes to kiss his lips once again.


Tell me what you think! I hope you enjoyed this one? DM me if you want an imagine, remeber to write you idea so it's easier for me to write it!

- Amalie xo

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