From Anonymous

Beth Ryans walked home from school one day only to find a mysterious letter in the mailbox. It was a love letter from anonymous. Every day, when she came back from school, there was a letter from anonymous. Beth is determined to find out who wrote those letters to her. But Beth couldn't recognize anyone with that handwriting and she never caught anyone walking around her house. Thirty days letter, Beth came home from school, still not knowing who wrote those letters. She checked the mailbox, as always. But this time, there wasn't a letter. The mailbox was empty.


1. Home

Beth Ryans slowly walked out of the school building and made a left turn, unlike the others. Everyone else made a right turn. 

Her home was far away from school. She was always far away from the others. Beth didn't have any friends. She was shy and she wasn't really the most exciting person. 

People like Lauren Walters and Julia Hipchen were popular. They were exciting and girly. They talked about teenage magazines and pop stars. Everyone liked them. Plus, they were rich. They had parties at their houses every week. 

Beth was different. She simply hated being girly. She liked reading under huge trees and writing simple things in her diary. Everyone wondered what she wrote in her diary. But no one but she knew. 

Every day, Beth walked to school and stared at the other kids, talking to each other. Beth wasn't exactly jealous of those kids. She had a past she wanted to forget and a lesson she had learned... She knew her friends in middle school won't be her friends forever. 

As they go into high school and collage, they'll forget about each other. They'll have different lives. Friends in middle school mean nothing. She knew better than to waste her time playing with them. 

She managed to not talk to anyone at school. She didn't say anything to the teachers, too. Sometimes, a teacher would send her to the principal's office for refusing the speak to the teacher. 

Beth would go to the principal's office and say nothing. Soon, everyone figured out that Beth would never open her mouth. No one said anything to her. Even the teachers stopped talking to her. 

When school was over, Beth would turn left and start walking on the dusty road. No one really walks on that road. That road only leads to Beth's small home. Beth's home is separated from the others. 

There are tall trees around the house and there are a lot of plants and animals. There are a lot of insects, too. 

But Beth enjoys spending her time with the creatures outdoors. They were her only friends. She sat down under her special tree every day and wrote down some things. She wrote about her day and what she thought about and the past. 

She cooked dinner with the vegetables she grew. She also used the eggs from the chickens. She ate dinner with her little sister and her little brother. 

Her little sister and little brother were twins. Their names were Saige Ryans and Dylan Ryans. They were six. 

They were supposed to go to school, but they didn't. Beth made sure that no one else but she even knew they existed. She didn't want them to get friendly with the world and make tons of friends. 

She was afraid that the past would repeat itself. 

That day, Beth walked down the dusty road as usual and she checked the mailbox right before she walked into her house. 

Usually, there was no mail, but Beth always checked. 

She gasped when she saw what was inside the rusty old mailbox. A letter. 

It said in the front: To. Bethany Elizabeth Ryans 

The person who wrote that letter knew her full name. Her nickname was Beth because her first name and her middle name contained the word "Beth." 

She climbed up her favorite tree and opened the envelope. There was a piece of paper inside. Beth slowly unfolded the letter. 

Dear Beth, 

I know you think I'm weird... You probably think I'm a stalker! But I knew that I had to tell you this... 

Even though you aren't very social and you don't even know me, I've fallen in love with you. 

Your hair, your eyes... Everything about you is perfect... 

I'm in the same grade as you. But we barely see each other... I always look for you though... I know something that the other kids don't. 

You weren't like this before. You were different. That was before your parents disappeared suddenly. 

You had friends. You were popular. But you started to shut yourself away. Then, when the year ended, you moved away. 

I followed you here. And I noticed that you have totally changed. Stop shutting yourself away, Beth... 

I love yourself before... (Even though I still love you very much.) 

And I remember how you were... I miss those days when you smiled at people, including me... Your smile meant a lot to me... 



Beth gasped. Who was this person? It was a boy... She knew that for sure! But who was this kid who knew how she used to be?! This kid was a total stalker! 

And he couldn't be right... She was doing the right thing. Beth was sure of that. 

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