Another place, Another time

This is my first book so please, if you have an suggestions or comments, i would love to read them.

Hamish and his family live in a peaceful country when all of a sudden a war arouses. Hamish fights to have his siblings safe from wars harm.

In search of his aunt to stay away from wars harm he soon discovers that this 'visit' will be longer than he planned.


3. Almost there

. I kept my eyes towards the railway, I could see the intersection up ahead. We were half way there.  I pumped harder. Willow looked to see what all the fuss was about, she saw the intersection and was confused.

“Hamish what is the fuss about? You’re going to lose all your energy,” she warned me.

“It’s the intersection! Father told me that when we get there that we would be halfway to Switzerland. We have to go left!” I excitedly said.

She ran off the handcar towards the Intersection, It was going to take us right. She pulled the lever to change the track left.  She was pretty strong for a sixteen year old. As we  approached the intersection, she had changed the track left and I slowed enough so she could jump back onto the handcar. She had a big grin on her face, she had the most beautiful smile. Thomas and Edward awoke from all our excitement.

“Why are you smiling Willow? What is all the fuss about? Where are we?” They both asked.

“Well boys, we are halfway to Switzerland where we will be safe. There won’t be any bombs or wars going on!” I explained.

“Yay!” they both said in unison.

We all had a big smile on our face. I was starting to get really tired but I knew that I had to get Willow and the boys to safety. Willow saw that I was getting tired and offered to pump the rest of the way, but I refused her offer. My voice was still in my head telling me to push through it and to not fail my father. We were arriving at the river.   It was a long stretch of water and it was fairly wide. The railway went straight along it. It was divided by a rock path that guided the railway. You could see that the boys were getting more and more excited.


After Edward was born, we stopped travelling to other countries. We always stayed in France’s border. We used to travel all around Europe by train. My parents' dream was to take us to Africa one day. My mother always spoke of the fun she had travelling around Europe. How she enjoyed all our company on the way. She would always say that the best trips are the ones you have surrounded by people you love.


 Edward wanted to jump off the handcar into the river as we were crossing it. Willow was worried that he would not be able to get back up.

“Don’t you dare!” she said angrily.

From then on, she kept a close eye on Edward. Thomas was jumping up and down with excitement, it was making it difficult for me to pump the handle.

“Thomas, I know you’re excited but could you please not jump up and down! Its making it harder for me to pump the handle, we want to get there quicker and at this rate, it’s going to take a lot longer then what I want it to be,” I told him

“Oh. Sorry Hamish! I won’t do it again,” he said.

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