The Story of My Life

Take A Look Throughout Giselle's Life and Her Struggles through every single day


1. Febuary 9.2014

Day 1.-

We'll Hey xD, I don't know actually but I've got had an idea of writing a diary 😂 , we'll lets start off by you guys getting to know me c: Okay?. We'll my full name is Giselle Mogro ( I don't like my last name :x ) We'll My birthday is June 23,2001 , I'm in 7th grade :3 and we'll yeah my Nationality is Bolivia hehheh and I'm an Animal Lover. Now moving on... c: , My favorite color is Purple, Black, Blue, Red ( oh my gawsh xD so many colors, I know -.-) lol um one of my favorite hobbies is Singing ^~^ and like Reading and writing Fanfictions 😂, we'll I have 2 sisters and one brother xD funny thing I was expected to be a boy but I came out as a girl c: . My parents got divorced when I was 5 years old /.\ sadly ... My only grandmother alive ( mothers side) is suffering of severe diabetes . Im like that type of person that likes to have fun xD and also doesn't have that quite much of I should say " Close Friends" ... I don't talk much , but when I do xD I don't stay shut :x . I'm 4.9 ( yes ,I'm short *^*) , I also can play Piano and Guitar( sort of :o) so Yeah c: that's basically some quite things about me ... But continuing with my Diary Activity xD ....

Technically I had to sleep in the couch today , after my mothers fiancé sleep over today . We'll on Friday I had this huge problem at school yet to the fact that I've been bullied by a girl I called a best friend from my class before She started giving me dirty looks and attitude and yes Made fun of me ._. But what else could've I done , So I went to talk to my Guidance counselor . Later that day Everything has been going he not so well but also good I suppose ... But when the bell rang , Jesus Christ i chased down my brothers ( Best bro friends ) that Always make me smile and laugh after a rough day at class . Later towards this day everything has been so so as usual .... I started cutting once again even though I promised my self not to cut anymore /.\ I guess I just express my self and my feelings out by cutting :/ , we'll as I was saying ... The new season of the walking dead has arrived after all the wait ^~^ it was all worth it xD . But tomorrow is Monday and it's a pain -.- going through Mondays , Yet to add that Tomorrow is The Valentine Dance and I'm forever alone ._. Sadly ... All of my friends are going but yet to know I don't know if I should go or not . I have this huge crush on this boy , but I guess he is using me or something cause when were around each other he literally ignores me ... But since were like " Friends with Benefits " nothing has to happen ... But throughout the days I'm starting to dislike him ✋😒 even though he had told me he liked me also but should I keep on ? Or not...? We'll On Wednesday my brother ( biological Brother) left to Bolivia sadly .... And as I was saying I just should give up on my crush right? We'll please leave your response as a comment or Something if I should give up on him or not ._.

P.S my New Name tag Will be Merp the Unicorn :3

|| Merp The Unicorn Signing out ||

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