Fame and Love -A Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda Jones, age 20, is a struggling actress and singer. She can't seem to pursue her career. Just when she is about to quit. She starts to date her old best friend, Harry Styles. Suddenly her career booms! But can she deal with all of the fame and hate? Or maybe, it's fame and love.


4. "I'm Moving Out."

Chapter Four


I'm Moving Out


I woke up it was 7:00AM. I rolled out of bed and got dressed. Harry was already downstairs waiting for me. "Ready to do this?" Harry asked while we walked to the car. "Honestly, I'm scared out of my whits." I said. I couldn't shake this feeling that something bad was going to happen. Surely, this wasn't the first time I've broken up with Taylor. He always seemed to get me back. But lately, I didn't feel that spark anymore. I didn't feel loved when he was around. "It will be alright." Harry kissed me on the forehead and smiled. I smiled back. We drove down to my flat, or errmm old flat. I walked into it. The house was quiet, except for some movement upstairs. I went to get my suitcases, and started packing. I walked into my old room. I saw a girl in the bed with him! "WHAT THE HELL TAYLOR?!" I shouted. "Oh umm, I wasn't expecting you to be back this early." He said. "Oh so if I wouldn't have came you would have had morning sex?" I asked. "No!" He said. "You know what! Fuck you! I'm out of here!" I shouted. I pulled out the suit case and started packing all my stuff. I would sort everything later. The girl woke up and smiled. "Hi!" She said. I looked at her confused. "Hi? What the hell?" I asked. "Oh honey, he's been shagging me for months." She said. Oh, okay. So not ONLY did he cheat, but he was having an AFFAIR? I walked over to Taylor and smacked him hard. I didn't bother crying, he surely was NOT worth my tears. I pulled my suit cases out of the room. "Where are you going?" He shouted over the stairs.

"IM MOVING OUT! BY THE WAY WE ARE SO OVER!" I shouted back at him. By now I was hurt, sad, and angry as hell! "Jayda come on! Don't do this I love you." He said. "You bloody shagged another girl! You don't love me Taylor!" I said. "I do." He said. "You don't. Goodbye. Oh and don't bother calling me. Nothing you say or do will make me take you back. Ciao!" I said and walked out the door. I put my bags in the trunk and backseat. "How'd it go?" Harry asked me. "How'd it go? Hmm, how'd it go? What do you call walking in on your boyfriend with another girl, only to find out he's been shagging her for months while you were together?" I asked him. "Jayda I'm so sorry." He said. "Why? I'm not. I know this is kind of fucked up but I'm actually happy. It was time for me to leave that douche anyway." I said. He mumbled something but I couldn't hear it. I think he said 'I love you?' No. I need a hearing check.

We went back to the house. "It's eight! Crap I have to get ready!" I said. "Hurry!" Harry shouted. "Are you still coming?" I asked him. "Wouldn't miss it for the world." Harry said. I smiled and raced upstairs. I managed to get ready and show up on time.

"There you are!" Amber said. I took my microphone and headed on stage.

My judges were Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, and Usher? Cool. "Hey!" Demi said. "Hi! I'm Jayda." I said. "How old are you?" Jennifer asked. "Twenty." I said and smiled. "What are you gonna sing for us?" Usher asked. "Lego House." I said. The music started.

"I'm gonna pick up the pieces, and build a Lego House. If things go wrong we can knock it down." I sang soulfully. I ended the song and I think I did pretty well. "AMAZING" Usher said. I blushed. "That was incredible! Now you have to act out some parts." Demi said. I nodded. I nailed the acting too. "You are very good! We'll call and let you know." Jen said. I smiled and walked off stage. I ran into Harry's arms. "You did amazing!" Harry said. "Thank you." I said I was now crying. "Flawless! If you don't get this part I'm going to question my existence." Amber said. I'm smiled and hugged her. I would find out tomorrow if I got it or not.

We went home and I got my stuff out of Harry's car. "So which room is mine?." I asked. "The one with the master bathroom, waterbed, and walk- in closet." Harry said. I tackled him. "I FREAKING LOVE YOU!" I said. I got off of him and went to unpack. "Oh and Harry?" I asked. "Yeah?" He answered. "Thanks for everything." I said. "Anything for you." He smiled. I turned and went to unpack.

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