My Dramatic Love Life

Samantha is a girl who isn't very popular.She wears glasses,and tends to talk A LOT!!
But when mysterious Valentines appear in her locker,she knows something is up.The valentines day dance is coming,and she is alone.That might change.....But when she is bullied , Samantha has no idea what to do.Everything goes wrong!!Will Samantha's life get better,or will her V-day be the worst in history??


1. February 8

We lay in Emma's room,waiting for the next day.Emma,Alana,Grace and I were having a slumber party at Emma's."So how's it going with Hamburger?" Alana asks Emma.Emma has this HUGE crush on         .His code name is Hamburger."Alexa is going to ask him who he likes tomorrow!!I hope it's me!"

Emma and Alana are babbling about Hamburger.I'm just checking my Instagram.I just got my friend request rejected.What more do you expect from a popular girl.Anyway,they start talking about crushes.

"Alana who do you like??"Alana is a bit nervous but then gets it over with."I like...Hamburger!!"Emma stares surprised.Things are getting awkward."Who do you like ,Sam?" Emma asks.I bury my face in my pillow."Vome on!Its fine!!"Those to girls just keep tormenting until I can't stand in it.


Emma and Alana are first surprised snd happy,but then they start to look angry.They just stare at each other and start playing Flappy Bird."Hey what happened?"I ask.Why are they shutting me out??They turn around,from giggles to evil eyes.They just ignore me.

I don't know why.I don't have any other friends.I go up to the room that they fled to.My ear pushed the door.I heard it.Everything.I need to play it in my head one more time.,All three of us like Hamburger.we both like Theatre,Percy Jackson,and Art.Those other girls barely have any things in common.They don't want him to like me.They've decided to stop being my friend."Why should that matter?They're my friends!!My new Frenemies!My bestest friends !!"

I'm going to call my mom for a ride home,even though it's 11:00 at night.

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