Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


42. kidnapped.


"Well hello maggie.." He slurred. I can remember that voice from anywhere. I don't how I remover it though

It's my dad. Yea that's right. And he's drunk so that's not good. "What the hell do u want!" I asked scared he would jump on me. All of the youtubers were watching me carefully.

"I want u baby. Remember when I raped u when u were 1? Haha good times. Oh look at u now. That body is-" Nash inturupted him.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" My dad showed no emotion. Somebody else walked in. "Oh hey look it's my friend jayson." 'Dad' said.

I remember him. I can't believe I forgot about all of this. Jayson pulled out a gun. "Okay people. Your coming home with us or maggie gets shot." He said putting the fun to my head. Everybody went upstairs.

"Don't make a fucking move." Lucas (my dad) said. He lead us outside into 4 different cars.

I was in a car with all of o2l and troye. Trevor looked like he will- did shit his pants. We arrived at this beaten down house. We got inside and were all in this one big room we will be sharing.

It was pretty big on the inside. But I only got to see the kitchen am our room. So if was me, the youtubers,Matt, and Nash sharing one room. There are only like 4 girls. Well this will be fun.

My dad walked into our room. "Okay girls on one side of the room boys on the other." He said. I followed jenn and Andrea to the other side of the wall. Wait. Where are all of the other youtubers? It was just me, Andrea, jenn, jack and Finn, troye, Tyler, o2l, Shane, and Casper.

There are a whole lot of other youtubers than that. "Okay girls strip one clothing off and boys pull down your pants." Lucas said. I pulled my pants down with jenn. Andrea pulled her top off. All the boys took of there pants.

I swear if I have sex tonight I will fucking scream until I die. Because I havnt ha it since I was. What? 1?


Okay so there's that update. I will be updating more tonight. Maybe. -maggie

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