Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


4. hotel fun!!

So many thought were going through my head. "Do u wanna go to the hotel or..." I asked. "Yea. Sure." He was gonna drive this time. I got a text from somebody.

(662)-386-0057- (this May or May not b my #)

Heyy bae!! Btw this is sam. Kian gave me ur number. I just wanted to know what's going on? Were really worried. Okay tx me back when u get this! Bye!

Awhh!! He's so cute he cares about me. Wait. How did kian get my number? "u were literally shoving a piece of paper up my face when we were about to take the picture." Did I say that out loud? "Yes u did!"


Umm... I guess it's fine. Were on the way to the hotel right now. Kian getting better. Just tell the boys not to talk about it. He will break down. Idk how I didn't take it hard... Oh well... Peace!

We arrived at the hotel and I jumped on Kian's back. I'm really skinny so I knew it wouldn't hurt him. He carried me all the way to the elevator. Wait I just noticed this is the hotel I'm staying in. YAYYYY!!!! I wonder what floor? "We are on floor 16." Shit!! I need to stop talking out loud. He laughed I must have said that out loud to. We finally reached the top floor. He ran past my room to the one right next to it. He walked in and the room was bigger than my house. "DAYYYUUUUMMMMMM!!!" I screamed. Witch made everybody laugh. The jacks weren't in the room. "Where r the jacks?" I asked. "Girllll they are downstairs eating!! U should of known that since ur a stalker. MMMHHHMMMM!!" Oh brent!! I didn't take that offensive since I am a stalker. "Ready for the next YouTube video?" Taylor asked. "HELLS YEA!!" We all screamed. "Okay what r we gonna do it on?" Aaron asked. "U could introduce me and do a challenge. The salt and ice challenge!! Or smack cam." Right after I said smack cam everybody got wide eyed. Oh shit. I shouldn't of said that. Hayes set the camera up and started it. "HEY GUYS!!!" Everybody screamed but me bc try didn't want to ruin the surprise. "Hey guys wassup?!?!! It's Matt here and today we are going to do smack cam. After......... we introduce somebody." Matt said. He motioned for me to come over there. "THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY..... MAGGIE CONN!!! some of u guys may have seen her at magcon today. And yes it's true. She is Kian's sister. She's real-" I inturupted him. "Shut up an let me talk!" I said playfully. "Well now that I think of it I have nothing to say...." I trailed off. "Maggie this May not be the right time to ask but......." Nash said. *WILL U MARRY ME??!?!!!* Nash's phone went off. "NOT THAT!!" he screamed. "Why don't u? I was gonna say yes!!" I said fake crying. His eyes lit up and e strted leaning in. I did the same. "NOPE!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN." Kian said coming in between us. Witch made us kiss his cheeks. Everybody was laughing their asses if by now. This has been really fun. Wait, am I going to be staying witch kian? Or go back home? Wasn't I going to my dad's? This is all so complicated!!! we didn't have time for the smack cam but Matt uploaded the video anyway. It was really funny bc Nash's phone went off at the wrong point. Kian looked so pissed. Right after the video downloaded we went to get star bucks.


Hello!! This is not that long.... i don't think it is anyway........ okay well I need a gf for kian and Matt. Anybody? Comment below if u want to be it.

Hair color-

Eye color-



Well that's it. -maggie!

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