Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


30. drop out.

I got up and ran to my mom and dad's room. "MOM WERE LATE!!" I screamed waking her up. She looked at her phone or the time. "First of all, it's Saturday. Second of all, y'all dropped out." Oh. Well that makes since now. BUT I WAS GONNA SLEEP IN!! And don't tell me 11 is sleeping in. I went back to where 'my age group' was. They were laughing there asses off. "Why you laughing?" I said laughing because there laugh was contagious. "MAGGIE!! HOW DID U NOT KNOW WE DROPPED OUT? Oh.. And there's a little something on your cheek." Hayes yelled. I ran to the bathroom. I saw they drew all over my face. A mustache, unibrow, moles, and other crap I didn't know the name of. "WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO ME?" I yelled running back into the room. I saw all of them pointing to the closet mouthing something. But I'm not really good at reading lips. Or listening either. I went back into the bathroom and got a bucket. Harris came in. "It was Matt." He said plainly. "Matt Espinosa or Sherril?" They should really tell me the last name or how am I suppose to know who your talking about? "Espinosa." He said them walked out. I filled the bucket with water and went to the front of the closet. I opened it, poured the water on him, them screamed, "YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GIRL ESPINOSA!!" Then shut the door and put a chair under the handle. Cameron walked in. "hey have y'all seen Matt?" He asked. We all shook our head no. He just walked off. WHATS WITH THIS WALKING OFF? Nash came running in this time. He picked me up and ran downstairs to the living room. "What are y-" I was cut off by jack g. "SMACK CAM!!" Cameron and running with soap? He smacked me. "U DEAD BITCH!!" I hoped on cams back with him trying to shake me off. "IM A FREAKING BUTTERFLY. AND UR A FREAKING EGG!!" Jack j screamed. "WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?" We all yelled in unison. He just shrugged. "Fine if u won't get off I'll make u." Cam said going somewhere. He walked into a bathroom there was someone taking a shower. He had his hands on the curtain. I ran out of the bathroom and onto Shawn, on the couch. "HEY GUYS!!" I yelled because kian was making a video for o2l. "Maggie come here!!" Trevy whined. "But I don't like you!" I whined back. He came over to me and picked me up. "Why don't u like me?" He said pouting. "BECAUSE YOU SLAYED THE CHARTS AND I DIDNT!" I yelled running back upstairs. I wasn't really mad. It was just fun. I heard my mom and dad talking. "Come on. We have to tell her sometime." I heard dad grunt. I kept listening until they said something I never expected to hear after I met kian.


Welp. That happened. I HATE SCHOOL!! Except on Fridays. There pretty fun. I got into a fight with my crush/enemy and kinda... Got suspended. NOBODY MESSES WITH SUPER MAN!! -maggie

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