Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


1. going to magcon

I finally get to go to magcon!!!!!!! IM SO FREAKING HAPPY!! I'm going to Nashville and staying in a hotel by myself. My mom is driving me to the airport right now. She isn't coming with me but she has to drive me since I'm only 14. Witch REALLY sucks. O2l is my life. I only go out I my room to eat and pee. When I go pee I bring my phone with me and watch them on my phone. My mom calls me mental. But I... I don't have anything to say because it's true. "Baby, were here." My mom said once we pulled into the airport. She grabbed my suitcases while I grabbed my little bags. I brought a lot of stuff because I might be moving down here with my dad. "Okay, you have to promise to call every night and don't get into trouble. I love you. Have a nice trip!!" My mom said and walked off. Me and her don't have a good relationship. She left my dad when I was about 8. She doesn't really care about me. Se always on business trips. I went through security and all that crap and finally reached the thing where you board onto the plane. I got on and went to seat 37. Nobody was sitting by me. THANK GOD. I got my headphones out and put Trevor's song on replay. I fell asleep in under 4 minutes. ---------- "we will be landing in the next 5 minutes." The speaker went through the plane as it woke me up. I can't believe I slept twelve hours without waking up. My phone was dead obviously. I tightened my seatbelt because I hate heights. I MEAN HATE THEM!! The plane finally landed and I ran off so I didn't have to get caught up in all those people. There was a line of people waiting to get there suitcases. I snuck around, grabbed mine, and ran off. There was a man holding up my name. I walked over to him. "Are you maggie conn?" He asked looking down at me. "Yes, yes I am!" I nodded approvingly and grabbed my suitcases. He started heading somewhere. Probably towards the car. Once we got closer there was a limo and he was holding the door open for me. I gladly got in and he drove off to the hotel. Magcon is today. I hate time difference!! It's 6:45 a.m. Here. It would be 1:00 p.m. at my time zone. We stopped infront if the hotel and the man started getting my bags. "I got it from here. But thank you!!" I said as I grabbed them out of his hands. I got in the hotel and checked in. I was in the top floor. YAYY!! Note the sarcasm. Water surrounds the hotel, besides the front. If I fell I would die. Probably. Like I said, I hate heights! The elavater opened and I got in it. I was on floor 16. It started going up, up, up, up, up, up, up. On the seventh floor somebody got in. Oh crap I have to fart!! Hold it In maggie!! It finally reached the top and I got out. But right before the doors closed all the way, I farted on the woman. I ran to my room laughing!! I had to start getting ready since it started at 10. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I got out and put on some dark, skinny jeans. Along with a magcon tank top. I grabbed my brown uggs with some Mitch match socks. I put them on and started on my hair. I had dark brown hair that went all the way down to my butt. I grabbed a ponytail and put it in a messy bun. I didn't put any make up on because I'm not a girly girl. Unless it comes to fashion. I'm awesome with clothes. I grabbed my phone and headed out it was now like eight something and it took an hour to get there. I called the man that brought me here and he came and picked me up. I got in and watched old o2l videos. They are funny and really cute. Ecspeacaily Trevor!


Okay so this is my first book... And I don't know if it's good it nah. So yea whatever if u don't like it it's not my problem I'm writing if what I want to happen in real life. But if u do like it I will be updating it... ALOT!! ~maggie

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