Story of My Life

It all started when I was made to take my little sister Emma to see One Direction in concert. They came to New York as part of their tour. I took Emma backstage and that's when I saw him. The love of my life. Louis Tomlinson. Read to find out if she get the boy or does she strike out.


1. Tickets

  The bell rang which let me know that summer was officially here. I grabbed my bag and put it over my shoulder and picked up my books. I waved good bye to Alex and Rachel and walked through the door. I had to go pick up my little sister. Hi I'm Elena and I live with my little sister Emma and my mother Emily in New York. My father and brother died a year ago in a car crash, so my mom decided to move me and my little sister to New York. You would think New York is as normal as any state, but you're wrong. People here in New York have a big problem. They're all in love with One Direction. That's how my little sister Emma fits in so well.


    I walked home and dropped off my bag inside the door. Then I turned around and headed back down the sidewalk. I walked up to a silver fence. I stood there watching the football players practice their last time till next year. After they were done I motioned and tall, tan, blonde boy over toward me. He smiled and walked my way.

  " Hey babe" he said kissing me through the fence.

  " Hey, Lance" I replied kissing him again.

  " Do you want to come with me to  take Emma to her final soccer game please?" I asked.

  " Yeah let me go change" he said kissing me one more time then running across the field.


    Lance has been my boyfriend since we were in eighth grade. I'm seventeen now. He's been the best support I've had since my dad and Evan died two years ago. Lance came over the fence and landed right in front of me. He was wearing blue short and a pair of black sunglasses. I gave him a long kiss and we began walking down the sidewalk. We walked up to Emma's school and you can tell there was a game of some sort going on by all the cars parked in the parking lot. We walked out back to the soccer field and saw Emma and her team practicing before the game started. We took a seat in the bleachers next to the playground. And waited till the game started. I got a text on my phone. I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at my message it was from my mom.

   " Elena you have to take your sister to the One Direction concert in a few days for here birthday love you " She wrote.


  Ugh I knew I was going to get stuck with taking her. Me and my mom have been talking about who was going to take Emma to the concert for about a month now. And of course it has to be me. I shook my head and put my phone back in my pocket. I got up and walked down the bleachers and went behind the playground. I slide to my butt and sat there. I had to think. Lance came back at sat with me. He just kept staring at me. Finally he lend in and started to kiss me. We began making out behind the school playground. I pulled away and gave him a smirk. Then I walked back to the bleachers and found our seats and waited for the game to start.


    Once the game ended we waited for Emma to get her duffle bag and we walked back home to meet my mom. She should be getting home from work in a couple hours to give Emma her gift. Ugh I really really don't want to take her, but I'm going to. I kissed Lance goodbye and walked into the house with Emma. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table studying over her book for collage. My moms going into collage for nursing. So she studies 24/7. I place my book bag by the door and kicked off the shoes. I walked into the kitchen and greeted my mom. I got into the fridge and began looking around for something to drink. All I saw was orange juice so I poured Emma and me a glass and sat that the table.


     Emma went into the living room and began to watch Disney Channel. Mom looked up real quick to make sure Emma wasn't in the kitchen. She hurried and slid the involope into my hands and began back to her reading. I smiled slightly and took it into the living room for Emma to open. 

   " Here Em" I said handing her in involope and sitting next to her.

    She began to open it up very carefully. She pulled out the ticket and began to read it. When she saw the words One Direction she screamed at the top of her lungs. 

    " They're front row" I said smirking.


   She sleep with a smile on her face the rest of the night. I would know because we share a room. My brother had the room across the hall but no one has been in there since the crash. 


Well update tomorrow thx yall hope u like it its my first one so leave comments


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