an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


18. rumors


as soon as i got in the lunchroom mandi grabbed my arm and literally dragged me across the street to tropical smoothie. when we entered i saw Marcus sitting at a table. . once i got myself straight and sat down i gave cidney a confusing look.

she was almost too busy smiling and blinking her eyes at marcus to notice. i had to bang my hand on the table to get there attention.

mandi blushed and took a sip of her smoothie. so is it true. you go out with harry? i mean im totes happy for you but i have been like trying to get him to notice me since like the beginning of the year. come on i mean im a little hurt that you didn't tell me im like your best friend. best friends don't keep secrets. she sad quickly. her face turned a pale pink and she took deep breaths like she always does when shes about to cry.

i shook my head. her breathing had nearly turned to normal.  its a lie? she said confused but .. Lisa hall said she saw you to hugging in the hall and the cidney i know doesn't hug boys for no reason.

boy stuff surely spread around school fast.. in times like this i had to use sign language which i hated doing because it made people look at me funny. i quickly gave her an update on my relationship with harry. mandi took sign language classes when she found out i was mute so we could talk in times like this.

when i was done she nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. so mandi likes harry


 i got off the bus quickly and ran the rest of the way home. i breathed heavily. i had been dodging questions from gale all day. sometimes i love him then there's those days when i could punch him dead in the face.


 i walked home slowly thinking about how my dad got arrested. apparently one of the neighbors heard me screaming and called the cops. my uncle and aunt from my moms side came down immediately. there pretty cool. my aunt Eliza bought me a whole new wardrobe and uncle henry is an ok guy. he plans to rebuild the whole house. he's an architect so it should be pretty easy. maybe things are finally turning around for me.

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