Star Wars Episode VII: Darth Teivel

From the POV of Lillian Solo, daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia (fictional)
Lillian's father is taken by someone they call Darth Teivel to the forest moon. Luke goes to save him. But when Lily sneaks aboard her mother's ship, what will happen? Why did Darth Teivel want her father? Find out in this book.


1. 1

   I wake up when R2 started beeping as much as possible. 

"Do you mind?" I scowl under my breath. 
"Woop BEEP wooo," he replies. It's useless. 
"Wait, what are you doing here?" I sit up in my bed. 
"Woop beep woop meee!" he says. Am I actually attempting this? 
     My door opens.
"3-P0, what are you doing here?"
"Master Lillian, come quick!" The golden robot says hurriedly.
"Is something wrong?" I get up and follow the waddling droid down the hall.
"Captain Solo and Master Leia have gone missing!" That stupid droid should really learn to just call us by our names. But wait-mother and father are missing?
"Really? Oh, no, "  I say, quickly tossing on shoes and rushing out the door. I run in the desert, ignoring waving neighbors, all the way to Luke's house. I knock on the door, R2 beeping behind me. 3-PO is chasing after us as fast as his stiff legs could take him. A droid answers the door.
"Hello, Master Lillian," he says. He is a PO unit, a shiny blue. He waves to C3-PO in the distance. "How can I help you?"
"Is Luke here?"
"No, he left early this morning. May I take a message?"
"Actually, do you know where he might be? Or maybe my parents?"
"I don't know where your parents might be," says Z6-PO. "But Master Luke said he was leaving for the forest moon Endor."

"Do you, by any chance, know why?"

"Not completely. He did mention something about saving someone solo..."
"You mean saving Solo? The name?"
"Possibly. Oh well, I guess we'll never know."
"I thought you were supposed to be the smart droids..."
I run back to 3-PO. 
"Father is in trouble, and Luke has gone to save him!" 
"Whatever is it now? I thought we were done with this," groaned the droid.
R2 beeps again, louder and longer. 
"R2 says that Leia has been taken by the Sand People," 3-PO translates. "When she was trying to go after Captain Solo, who was taken by avoided figure."
"No!" I yell. "We've got to go find them!" 
"Miss Lillian, that would be very dangerous-"
Despite the 3-PO's attempts at stopping me, I climb into my landspeeder  and zoom away.
     I can tell I've reached my destination when I see Bantha tracks, one behind the other. It is windy, the tracks would have disappeared in the sand by now. They must be close.
     Sure enough, I hear the shriek of a woman, most likely my mother. I realize I don't have a weapon. Mother sees me watching her behind a rock. 
"Lillian, to home!" She shrieks, blocking the hit of a sand person.
"No, mother!" I yell. "I've gotta help you!"
"Go back!" She kicks a sand person to the ground. She's very skilled at hand to hand combat. She eventually kicks them and punches them enough to where they are unconscious-for a while

"What are you doing here, Lily?" 
"R2 woke me up, then 3-PO told me you and father were missing, so I went to ask Luke and Z6-PO told me he went to save father at the forest moon! What is the meaning of this?"
"Oh, no," Mother sighs. "Get in the speeder.  Go home, stay safe. Don't you dare leave the house."
"But I've got to help you!" I plead. "C'mon, please?"
"No, go home!"
I got in my speeder, leaving her. But no way was I going home.

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