Anything Could Happen (1 Shot)

It's Rose's first time on the ice since she was little. It is Valentine's Day and she has no one as her valentine. Fortunately she bumps into her crush and most popular guy in the 12th grade. What happens on the ice skating rink is something she never expected. °°For the A 48 hr 1D and 5SOS 1 shot comp.°°°


1. Anything Could Happen

I tighten my skates as tightly as I can and stand up from the bench. Carefully, I walk towards the entrance onto the ice. I get on the ice and hold on to the wall provided for beginners. I've done this before, but it was a long time ago. Maybe, ten years ago?

My dad taught me then. He gave me all kinds of instructions:

Bend your knees. Keep your back straight, but lean forward a bit. Try to take little steps first. Not glides; steps. Don't have your arms flying every which way and don't have them firm on your sides. If you look at others, don't try to copy them. It will only raise the possibility of you falling. Speaking of which, if you feel like you're losing your balance grab onto your knees. If you feel like you're about to actually fall, try to land on your sides, not on your knees or butt.

I try to do that. I bend my knees, I don't try to copy others, I don't have spaghetti arms. I try to get away from the wall as I do so. Thankfully everything is great so far. I'm starting to remember how fun this is. But my excitement doesn't last long.

Today is Valentine's Day. All around me I see couples. Teenagers, adults, old people. Most of them were holding hands, just chatting. Others were just talking and looking at each other like they were affraid to lose the other. I sadly thought about how I didn't really have a valentine. All the great guys I know are taken.

Soon I spot Harry Styles, the most popular guy in twelveth grade and my crush, skating alone. So I guess I'm not the only one who's alone tonight. But that's pretty weird, because his girlfriend is Kendal Jenner, the most popular girl in our grade. She is the most annoying wanna-be I've ever met. But I dont see her around anywhere, so she must not be here.

Harry and I met on the first day of high school and we talked pretty much most of the day. But then he met Kendal and these cool guys and left me on the second day. So we know each other, but we don't talk. I sometimes see him in the hallways with either Kendal  or his friends, and I see his eyes looking at me. He was a great guy on the first day but I don't know if that has changed. I would've talked to him but that might only cause trouble. If he wanted to talk to me he didn't; that would only cause a mess in his "reputation". So we both keep away from each other.

Harry sees me and quickly skates towards me with a huge grin plastered on my face. Oh, great.

"Rose, hey!" he says when he finally makes it to my side.

"Hi, Harry," I reply softly.

"What's up?"

"You know, just skating around couples on Valentine's Day without an actual valentine." Harry chuckles. "How about you?"

"I guess you can say the same for me."

"Wait, what about Kendal?" I question.

"She's a total snob," he answers. "I dumped her last night."

"Oh." Wow, he dumped her? Nice.

"Yeah. She totally deserved it." I love the way he said that. Someone else finally agrees with me besides my not so big circle of friends. "So, do you want to skate around and chat?"

I nod my head. Harry and I skate around the rink and just talk. We just talk about pointless crap. How messed up society is, how sad it is that not everyone has a valentine on Valentine's Day. Then something hits me.

"Harry," I say. "Can I ask you a question?"
"Sure," he says.

"Why do you choose to talk to me now?" I look up at him. "You had all those other days to talk to me. Why now? And I'm not saying that I want you to leave. I'm just curious."

"Well..." He ran a hand through his perfect curls as he speaks hesitantly. "Because if someone from school saw us talking everything will go downhill."

"I know that too, but that's not the reason, is it?"


I wait for him to continue. When he doesn't I say, "Well?"

Harry takes a deep breath and says it. "I've been trying to find out a lot about you lately. Honestly, I've liked you since tenth grade. I lost my feelings for Kendal since then. I just didn't want to break it to her because Kendal is... Kendal. And you know how she gets. I like you a lot, but I don't think you feel the same towards me."

"How do you know that?"

I- I don't," Harry stutters. "Do you?"

"I do. And I have ever since the first year of high school."

"So, will you go out with me?" he asks hopefully.

Well that escalated quickly. I look up to his green orbs to see if there is any hint of a joke-- I have to say, his eyes are truly beautiful. Nope, none. Wow, so he means it?

"Yeah," I say enthusiastically.

"Great!" Harry exclaims. All of a sudden he stops and hugs me tightly, but warmly. "I was scared you'd reject me."

And with that, Harry and I continue to skate, holding hands, just like everyone else. He even gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

Wow, so I guess anything could happen. Especially on Valentine's Day.

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