Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


11. The forest



My mother was curious, so in the end we chose to go out. For Sandra's sake, we went to the woods, where no one would see us and she was so insecure all the time.
"You have to know a thing about me." she said, and stopped. "I'm not as innocent as you think and I'm not perfect." 
I didn't care, but was glad about her honesty. 
"You have done much in your life, but look at me! See! I haven't done anything and this weekend I was at my first party. I don't think I've ever had so much fun before." 
Sandra smiled weakly and looked at me. 
"I guess we don't have anything in common?" 
Well there we had. We had feelings in common and we could still fit as a couple. 
"Who cares? I don't care about what others think about us. I love you!"
Sandra smiled and took a few steps toward me. 
"I have never met a single guy who's as kind as you." 
I smiled and knew she was right. She had been with the wrong guys and she had no idea what real love was. 
"So get to know me?" 
She took her arms around my neck and I felt how she came to my lips. I enjoyed when she kissed me, and I answered the kiss. I took my arms around her waist and pulled her towards me. She moaned lightly and let her tongue slip into mine mouth. I just loved what we did and time stood still.

"I can't resist you!" she murmured. I backed her up against a tree and pressed our bodies together. 
"Then you know how I feel?" 
She smiled and pulled her hands through my hair. She looked into my eyes and I wanted her to stay there forever. 
"We are on fire?" 
I nodded and kissed her again. I pressed me gently against her body and held my hands around her waist. She was so perfect. I felt how she pulled down my pants. She uncovered my member and pulled up her dress. I moaned lightly and I quickly looked around the forest. 
"But anyone can come?" 
She smiled and pulled my hands under her butt. 
"Then you must be quick?" 
I groaned and lifted her up. I felt her legs around my waist and I penetrated. Sandra whimpered and took her arms tightly around my neck. 
"I'm yours!" she murmured. "Take me!"
I slowly began to move my body and I felt how I filled her. I started kissing her again and I felt that she wanted more. Therefore, I increased the pace and bounced hard against her. My whole body tingled and I couldn't stop. She moaned against my lips and she shook with excitement. I tried to be quiet but it was hard to cover up what I felt.





I forced Niall to release me and I got him to lie on his back on the ground. I sat down quickly at his waist and let him once again penetrate. He just stared at me when I rode him and I loved to look at him. I didn't care if one person saw us, I just wanted him. I rode him faster and heard it smacked between us. I was in a trance, and his whole body was so lovely. Niall smiled and took down one hand to my clit. He started to caressed me and immediately, I had to close my eyes. He took me to the place where I rarely was at and my whole body exploded. I could feel every inch of me was shaking and I screamed.


Niall grabbed my waist and made me pick up the pace again. I rode him until he came and I felt how his body reacted under me. He groaned and turned on his face that he came.


I made ​​sure we got on our clothes and then we sat on the ground. We leaned against a tree and Niall took my hand in his. 
"Sandra, we can't continue like this?" 
I agreed, but I was scared. 
"Niall, I promise to try to break up with Jeff, but I'm afraid he will not let me go so easily." 
Niall looked at me and smiled weakly. 
"Thank you!" 
I was surprised. 
"Thanks for what?" 
He raised his eyebrow and gave me a charming look. 
"That you didn't say no and run away." 
I laughed. He smiled and he was so cozy.
"You Mad?" 
He nodded with satisfaction and laughed a little bit. 
"I want to be anything but a pussy and with you I get a little crazy." 
I met his gaze and was silent. Maybe I really should put my energy on Niall? Something told me he was perfect and that we just could have a chance.

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