Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


6. Run away



I was in heaven. Sandra cared about me! When she disappeared away I saw how surprised Liam was and he just stared at me. 
"She usually doesn't do that." 
I smiled at him and gave the thumbs up. 
"I think it only means one thing. I got a chance for her and she cares about me." 
Liam sighed and drank from the bottle. 
"Stop it, she still belongs to Jeff and he will kill you." 
I smiled. 
"But it's up to you to defend me tonight." 
I saw that Liam hated the whole thing, but he nodded. 
"I guess so. So just don't do anything to her. I'm not going to defend you against Jeff!"


The alcohol affected me and I dared more. I talked to both guys and girls. I fit in and I felt more alive than ever. It was as if life just flowed and this was my place. I was no longer a wimp and I was no longer a little guy that everyone looked down on. I was one of the gang!


"So how's it going?" asked Perrie and eyed me. She laughed at the fact that I was full of beer and she seemed to like the new me. 
"It's just perfect!" I got out of me and grinned. "I think I'm in heaven." 
She laughed and seemed to feel that I was someone. 
"You're not the only one who has noticed it. Where parties are, there's life."
Perrie took her arm around my shoulder and got me to a tree. She looked at me and I understood that she was intoxicated. 
"You're cute Niall!" she said unsteadily. "You shouldn't ruin your life like this, but I understand you." 
I grinning. 
"Thank you!" 
She looked over all the people and smiled big. 
"I was fifteen when I got here the first time and I remember it like yesterday. It was like I came to a new world and everything just revolved around the parties."
She then looked at me and seemed to try to collect herself. When she tried to kiss me I backed away. 
She was startled and was surprised. 
"But you are here to lose your virginity?" 
I was flabbergasted and immediately shook on my head. 
"No, I'm not going to have sex with you."
She frowned and wobbled. 
"But why?" 
I swallowed and chose not to tell the truth. 
"I want to see how it's at parties. I haven't been on this kind of places before and I wanted to be with you guys."
I puffed out when Liam showed up. He seemed to understand what had happened and immediately he looked cold at her. 
"Stop it!" he whispered. "Can't you hold yourself to the other guys. Niall's here as my friend and you don't touch my friends." 
She sighed and smirked slightly. 
"I'm sorry, but you must understand that I wanted to try?"





I heard the police at distance. I heard police sirens and I knew what would happen. I panicked and the first I person was thinking on was Jeff. I wouldn't have time to warn him, which would only lead to bad stuff. I saw Niall and realized that he also needed to get away from the site. I was fast. I ran up to him, took his hand in mine and ran toward the woods. I didn't bother to explain anything, because I knew what would happen. The police would find minors, alcohol and drugs. They would put everyone in jail and then would Nialls future be destroyed. Niall understood finely the sound of police cars and began to run faster. We came further into the forest and eventually we ended up at the lake. Direct I went out into the water and pulled him after me.

"They have police dogs." I said and looked quickly at him. "If we go along the water, the dogs will not feel our fragrances anymore."


I don't know how long we went in the water and in the end we both froze. I pulled him ashore and we were looking up an old cottage. I knew the owners weren't to return until the summer, so I smashed a window and got Niall inside. 
"We must hide ourselves until tomorrow." 
He understood me, but still seemed so quiet. He smiled at me and helped me through the window.


I found a wood stove and lit a bonfire directly. I found old blankets and I put them on the floor in front of the fire. I looked at Niall that he froze. 
"Take off all wet clothes." 
Directly he blushed and looked down at his pants. 
"But I'm soaked right into the underwear?" 
I grinned and couldn't help but be amused. I pulled off my shoes and walked up to him. 
"Do you wanna get sick or do you want to go home dry in the morning?" 
He continued to blush, but didn't mind as I began to undress him. Even his shirt was wet and I wondered how. I chose to meet him half way and let his underwear be on. 
"You can freeze some, then?" 
He smiled gratefully and sat down on blankets on the floor. I hung up his clothes over a chair and sat down next to him. We sat in silence and listened to the fire crackling. I wondered if I had done wrong. Maybe it was better if I had saved Jeff? Niall had still never been in contact with the police and they might have release him in the end?


"Sandra?" I heard Niall whisper and I let my eyes meet his. 
He smiled slightly and let his hand slide up against my cheek. He stroked it tenderly and smiled. 
"I just want you to know that I love you."

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