Don't let me go

Love, Lust and Pain....


21. chapter 21

Niall's P.O.V

WHAT! HOW! I CAN'T BE THE DAD! Oh wait, I didn't use a condom! Well done Niall! You've screwed her and you've screwed yourself !

But I've always wanted to be a dad! Yay I can teach him/her how to play the guitar and we can got to the park and... WTF ARE YOU DOING NIALL! Your fucking 20! I can't make her kill the baby! I made this mistake, so I have to take responsibility for my own actions! My mental debating session was interrupted when Monisa looked up at me and said

"I'm sorry" with her eyes glossy.

"What?! Baby no! I'm sorry, it was my fault! If I could have controlled Darren then none of this would have happened!" I said trying to cheer her up.

"Darren?!" She said with a confused look on her face.

"Oh that's what I named my dick" I said awkwardly.

She giggled and Harry smirked.

"Mine is called the matrix" Harry laughed.

We all burst out laughing. I fell into the bathroom cupboard that is under the sink.

I opened it and saw some pregnancy tests!!! I grabbed them and handed one to each if the girls.

"You should check just incase" I said shyly.

"Yeh we should, we might not even be pregnant! It might just have been something we ate" Cara said.

Harry and Monisa both nodded. I headed out of the bathroom and signalled for Harry to come too so we can leave the girls to do what ever they need to do...

Harry hasn't spoke much. I went over to him and patted his back. Then I felt that it wasn't enough and so i pulled him into a big bear hug. He hugged back tightly. I heard some sniffles and when i pulled away I saw Harry was crying.

"It's all my fault! If I had never been so stupid then she wouldn't be pregnant! I've just ruined her life!" He screamed

"Harry calm down!" I shouted at him.

"She loves you, and if she had a problem with the fact that she's pregnant then she would be screaming her face off at you!" I said trying to make him better.

The bathroom door opened and Monisa signalled us to come inside.

She had a sad but relived look on her face.

She handed me her pregnancy test and I looked at it and it read.....

'Not pregnant'

I looked up at her and she gave a weak smile. I was disappointed because I would love to have a kid but I was relieved because I don't want Monisa to go through that right now, she's too young.

I pulled her into a Horan hug and held her there for at least a minute. I looked up at a shocked Harry who had Caras pregnancy test in her hand. He put it on the side of the sink and pulled crying Cara into a hug.

I went to go comfort them and saw her pregnancy test! It said 4-5 weeks pregnant! Wow I can be an uncle!

"We should go to the hospital and get Cara checked up and also find out what happened to Monisa" I suggested.

They all nodded and we headed out of the bathroom. The floor was a little wet and Cara slipped! She hit her head on the floor and fell unconscious!

*10 mins later

We arrived in the hospital a few minutes ago. The doctor told us she has woken up and we can see her after they finish running some tests.

"You can go in now" a nurse said while exiting the room.

We sprinted in to stand by her feet and Cara looked at us with a confused look on her face.

"Who are you?" She giggled at us........


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